Korea is invited to Paris' Techno Parade 2015 with Mushxxx, Soolee and Dj Guru

Année France-Corée

From September 2015 to August 2016, France will celebrate its relationship with Korea through “France-Korea year”, a partnership that aims to promote the Korean culture in France.
Paris “Techno Parade”, an event that attracts tens of thousands of techno music lovers, won’t escape the Korean craze.

After Morrocco and VietNam the previous years, the guest of honnor of the event will be Korea for the 2015 edition. The Parade that will go through Paris on September, 19th from Part-Royal to the Republique’s square.

Mushxx, Soolee and DJ Guru, true celebrities in Korea, will be the head of the parade. If you’re in Paris that day, don’t miss out this chance to dance to the beats that ignite the Korean night life!


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