[INTERVIEW] Taiwanese comic artist, Uncle Yang (陽南大叔) explains his artworks of Magic Power (MP魔幻力量)

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Taiwan – Taiwan can be considered the home-ground for many comic artists, be it related to politics, social issues or simply entertainment biz.

Introducing 陽南大叔 (prounounced as Yang Nan Da Shu), also known as Uncle Yang in short, has risen to a little fame recently. Despite establishing his Facebook page only in May this year, the page has over 2000 followers within the short 3 months. Uncle Yang’s topics are usually close to heart, revolving around the social issues or simply recenntly updates of celebrities.

Working as a full time comic artiste, Uncle Yang takes time off to draw and share on his Facebook page. With his recently series featuring the top Taiwanese EDM band Magic Power (MP魔幻力量), his masterpieces have gathered many of the band’s fans known as MPF.

Getting to know more about Uncle Yang who’ve set a goal when he was in his second year in middle school to be a full-time comic artist in future. But at the same time, his passion for music deviated him from his original goal to be a comic artist. Thereafter he shifted onto the direction to pursue music. In the end, Uncle Yang went back to what he called his professional skill – comic drawing. Taking one step at a time, Uncle Yang is currently focus on his career, but he does not eliminate the possiblity of infusing both his music and drawings together in future.

Drawing in chinese (畫) is pronounced as “hua”, sounding similar to that of words (話) in pronounciation. Uncle Yang explains that when words can’t be spoken, that will only result in keeping those words to yourself if you lack of the courage to voice it out. Therefore, he draws to express, and to voice out his thoughts.

Differentiating himself from the others, Uncle Yang remains humble despite the fame he’s receiving continuously. What we think that makes Uncle Yang stand out is his interaction with the fans and viewers of his Facebook page. There is probably little or no comments that he has not replied to, explaining that the comments were not too much in quantity to be replied.

Over the years, Uncle Yang has seen the big-headedness of artists and celebrities regardless of popularity and kept in mind as a constant reminder to refrain from such behavior. In addition, he felt that the comments left at the page served as his motivation, as such he finds such interaction with the viewers absolutely positive.


Magic Power’s Guitarist, Lei Bao, also commented on Uncle Yang’s post on Tin Tin.

Well, the highest record of comments was nearing 300 – his drawing of Tin Tin offering to help an old lady who had a number of bags to carry. This was originally a scene spotted by a fan, who saw them returning after their OURS’ concert in Kaohsiung.

In the caption Uncle Yang wrote: “There was news reports of slashing incident a few days ago, followed by the appearance some people of no moral values in Taiwan. At least we could still feel the hope and love from Ti Ti (originally Tin Tin, revolved in the sense that he helped to carry the bags, the action of carrying is represented by the Chinese word ‘提’ (ti))”

Direct link to the above post: click here.

Comments from the celebrities themselves aren’t just about it. Uncle Yang’s posts have been shared the the celebrity that was drawn and many iconic Taiwanese celebrities.


Ever heard of “壁咚” (pronounced as bi-dong)? Currently there isn’t any English term for it but the closest term would be a ‘wall thud’. Originated from Japan, it is actually a common scene seen in many comics and romance drama. Too vague? Let the pictures speak for themselves!

[INTERVIEW] Taiwanese comic artist, Uncle Yang (陽南大叔) explains his artworks of Magic Power (MP魔幻力量)[INTERVIEW] Taiwanese comic artist, Uncle Yang (陽南大叔) explains his artworks of Magic Power (MP魔幻力量)


Uncle Yang told us that it was an sudden inspiration that he couldn’t explain, that he decided to create his rendition of the ‘wall thud’ to ‘floor thud’ (地咚). Without much hesitation, he chose Tin Tin (廷廷) of Magic Power to be the first character of the series. Adding a dash of humor further, Uncle Yang actually changed the band members’ name a little with some sort of hidden meaning to aid the flow of the storyline.

Since the series was very well-received, Uncle Yang then decided to start on a series solely on the band Magic Power. He once replied a viewer that his wife is a fan of Magic Power’s Goo Goo, leaving the viewers guessing if he’s a fan of Tin Tin since he used him as the first character of the ‘floor thud’ (地咚) series.

Uncle Yang revealed that he is a big fan of Shin of Mayday (laughs), but he finds Tin Tin pretty admirable because he’s a celebrity with lots of care and love. Apart from Magic Power, Uncle Yang follows the updates of Mayday, ex-vocalist Shin from the band Shin (信乐团), GEN, Donny Yen, GREEN DAY and many more.

Head over to Uncle Yang’s Facebook page for your daily dose of humor!
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/UnclYang
Instagram: https://instagram.com/uncleyang_painting

Many thanks to Uncle Yang for the short interview!
Article by Xuan Lin @ KAvenyou.com

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