[Sponsored Video] Is YOLO the right attitude?

23 March 2017, Singapore – The Asian culture is one built from within, and one that sprouts from inclusiveness; while being full of compassion. This is not forgetting the prudent approach in handling most things, which is also what makes Asians or for that matter Singapore so resilient in our nation building journey. However, all […]


Red Velvet “Rookie” Mini Album Event in Taipei

Red Velvet “Rookie” Mini Album Event in Taipei 人氣女團Red Velvet 即將在4月16日來台會粉絲!本次於ATT SHOW BOX舉辦迷你活動,除了會演唱多首歌曲,也會與粉絲們做近距離活動。凡購買《Red Velvet “Rookie” Mini Album Event in Taipei 特別版迷你專輯》即可參加活動,喜歡的朋友千萬不要錯過囖~   Red Velvet “Rookie” Mini Album Event in Taipei 特別版迷你專輯 時間:2017年4月16日(日) 14:30開演 地點:ATT SHOW BOX (台北市信義區松壽路12號 ATT 4 FUN 7樓) 售票日期: 3月29日(三) 中午12:30起,ibon售票系統機台及網站同步開賣 票價:NTD 2000 ※購買者可參加「Red Velvet “Rookie” Mini Album Event in Taipei」 ※全站席,依票面序號排隊入場。 […]

[Movie] Part-time Spy starring Kang Ye-won, Han Chae-a & Jo Jae-yun!

Voice  phishing has established  itself  as  one  of  the  biggest  scams  in  recent  years,  with damages amounting to $100 million annually. These scam callers attempt to obtain personal and private information, typically by offering fake financial services and loans, only to have you transfer large sums of money to pseudo accounts. What happens when a […]