[EVENT] Sundown Festival 2017 to Showcase Local Talents on Stage

Festival producer Red Spade Entertainment has announced the return of Sundown Festival this year at a brand-new entertainment and events venue at City Beach Resort, and to be held on 5 August, featuring local artistes, Derrick Hoh, FARRAGO, Jack & Rai, Jason Chung, Ling Kai and The Summer State. Supporting the growth of home-grown talents […]


[COVERAGE] “Watch Out” for SF9!

Fantasy definitely ended the month of June with a good note as SF9 is finally in Singapore for their first ever Fan Meeting “Be My Fantasy” that was held at Marina Bay Sands. The 9 boys dressed in sporty jersey outfits, greeted the fans and introduced themselves. They sang many hit songs such as “Roar, […]