“We came back for the fans!” Flumpool’s 5th Anniversary Concert ‘Moment’ Press Conference

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2nd August 2014 – Japanese Pop-Rock band Flumpool are no strangers to the sunny island of Singapore as this is their fourth visit. It has only been six months since their showcase here and they are back with a full fledge concert.

Vocalist, Yamamura Ryuta spoke the most during the press conference and from the start, stated the group’s happiness to be back in Singapore. While the other members talked about how they just want to have fun with their fans and came back to hold a solo concert just for the fans.


“I’m really looking forward to the concert so I want us to have fun together. Singapore fans are so passionate. They are very precious to us and it was important to come back to Singapore for a concert.”Yamamura Ryuta

The Moments –

Each of the members had a chance to share their best moments with the fans. As the members started reminiscing memories, drummer, Ogura Seiji told the fans that it was their first concert and the Budokan Live concert that was the most memorable for him and added that, “because we were unable to share it with our Singapore fans, I hope that this concert we are holding will allow us to create new memories for me to remember.”

Ryuta then joined in and agreed that it was Budokan Live last year that was the most memorable moment for him too. “It’s a moment I cannot forget”, he says.

While the other members brought up nostalgic memories, bassist, Amakawa Genki told everyone that his best moment was not Flumpool’s first concert or the Budokan Live but when he got paid!

“It’s because every time I checked my bank account, my balance was always in the minus range.”Amakawa Genki

As the group grew more popular, it also took a toll on them. Ryuta mentioned that after the Budokan Live last year, they were so tired and felt very down. It became a memory he would like to erase but it was also what made Flumpool stronger and got them to where they are right now.

The Songs –


When the members spoke about their favorite songs, the one that stood out the most was the song that Seiji mentioned. He picked ‘Akashi‘ as his favorite song as it was part of the set piece of the 78th NHK National Music Contest for the Junior High School section and it was arranged to be sung in a choir. Flumpool even got the chance to sing the song with the students and that memory was etched in his mind.


Guitarist, Sakai Kazuki chimed in that ‘Frame‘ is his favorite as he wrote it with a dream to one day sing it with the audience at Budokan Stadium. “My dream came true when it really did happen.” he added.

The Future –


Having worked with May Day before, Ryuta told everyone how Flumpool came to respect the band. “We’ll work hard and one day become a band just like May Day.”

Before ending their press conference, Flumpool specially prepared an acoustic version of their debut single, ‘Hana ni nare‘ for the fans who came out to see them yesterday.


We would like to thank Rock Records Singapore for inviting us to Flumpool’s 5th Anniversary Concert ‘Moment’ – Press Conference.

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