[Sponsored Video] Take control of your skin with SK-II #ChangeDestiny


Ever wondered how you will look like in the future?

Do you have the slightest worries that you will look older than you actually are in 10 years or even 20 years down the road?

What happens if someone were to share the secrets of being able to realistically control how you will look like in the future?

SK-II has collaborated with independent directors to launch a new SK-II campaign called #ChangeDestiny! (with the hashtags) The video “Future Me” features a young woman receiving messages from her future self and how her decisions would change her life in the future. “Skin Destiny Study” further enhances the message that a simple decision made in your younger years can influence the youthfulness of your skin many years to come.

SK-II seeks to inspire young women to take control of their life and control the destiny of their own skin by having a “Future Me” to give advice and tell them what they should be doing!

The “Skin Destiny Study” emphasises that every choice you make can influence what is to come in the future, and this is no different from the need to make proper choices on your skincare needs. #ChangeDestiny really challenges the ladies to go beyond following their everyday mundane routine but to take a closer look at what can be done to change their life as well as their skin. The study gives you a further “hint” on what is the preferred choice that will make a difference in your skincare needs, and hopefully leave you feeling more confident without regrets.

SK-II Skin Destiny has proven that it is essential for one to start from young, with SK-II loyal users looking radiant and have beautiful skin than those who have not used it. Now, YOU can also take control of your own destiny and still look stunning and beautiful even in 30s, 40s and 50s!

Your skin, your destiny.

This article is sponsored by SK-II.

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