Movie: Erased (Based on worldwide best-selling manga)!

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Satoru Fujinuma (Tatsuya Fujiwara 藤原竜也), a struggling manga artist and part-time pizza delivery man, experiences a strange phenomenon called “revival”. When something is amiss in his surroundings, he finds himself sent back several minutes in time just before a significant incident occurs. He must seek the source of the incident, so he can move forward in time. After experiencing “revival”, Satoru manages to stop a kid from crossing the road and prevent an accident, but he gets hit by the same speeding truck minutes after. The whole scene was witnessed by his colleague Airi Katagiri (Kasumi Arimura 有村架纯), who becomes intrigued.

A few days later, Satoru’s mother Sachiko (Yuriko Ishida 石田百合子), who had witnessed an attempted abduction, is murdered. The police suspects Satoru, but he experiences “revival” again when he is about to get arrested. This time, he is brought back to his childhood 18 years ago—days before the abduction-murder case of his classmate Kayo Hinazuki (Rio Suzuki 铃木梨央). A 29-year-old trapped in a 10-year-old’s body, Satoru (younger self played by Tsubasa Nakagawa中川翼) is convinced that the two murders are linked to the same perpetrator, and begins his investigation. With his inexplicable ability, he travels back and forth between present and past, gathering clues each time. Will Satoru be able to stop the murders and save the people he loves?

Be one of the first to enjoy this highly anticipated live action adaptation of the bestselling award-winning manga & anime!

ERASED (Boku Dake Ga Inai Machi) Special Fan Screening
Date: Saturday 30th July
Time: 4.05pm
Venue: Filmgarde Bugis+
Price: $20 (includes ticket & a limited edition movie poster)
Sales link:

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