Unboxing of Song triplets, Daehan Minguk Manse 2015 Calendar!

KAvenyou usually covers Korean pop but we are going to have a change of pace. This time around, we are unboxing the 2015 calendar for South Korea’s nation’s triplets, Daehan, Minguk and Manse! If you have been keeping up with KBS TV’s variety show, The Return of Superman, you will definitely know who these cute little boys are!

Daehan(Korea), Minguk(Republic) and Manse(Hurray) are the sons of Song Il Gook, a well-known South Korean actor. The triplets quickly rose to fame and have been receiving much love from the public ever since their appearance on the show. Their irresistible charms caught the nation by storm!




*Did you know?
Initially, the triplet’s 2015 calendar was only meant as a Year-End gift for Song Il Gook’s close family and friends. After the episode aired, a lot of viewers wrote in requests to the broadcast station and showed a lot of love to the triplets. So much so that Song Il Gook decided to produce desk calendars for the public to purchase with all proceeds to be donated to charity! As expected of the Saint of Songdo!

Pre-orders were open from 24th December through 31st December and only made available on Korean online shopping sites. We only managed to grab a couple of copies as the calendars were selling out faster than you can say Daehan, Minguk, Manse! By the 30th, almost 1 billion won of gross profits were made on Auction alone!





As a person who has a soft spot for children, I was nearly brought to tears when I received my package! Everything inside the calendar seemed so precious as it also included baby photos of the triplets showing how much they have grown over the years! They looked exceptionally adorable on every page of the calendar. Song Il Gook also made the effort to dress the triplets according to the seasons of the year, for example, the triplets in hanbok for the month of January as a significance of the New Year and baby Santas for the month of December! Now tell me that is not cute ㅋㅋㅋ!





The calendar also features photos of the triplets during the filming of the show, leaving us with moments to reminisce.

For those out there who managed to get their hands on this calendar that is exploding with cuteness, you are one of the lucky ones! And for those who are not so lucky, here are more photos to enjoy!





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