THE BOYZ Europe tour proves they’re a group to keep track of!

THE BOYZ in Paris

THE BOYZ, the K-pop group formed by Cre.ker Entertainment in 2017, performed in Europe for the first time this December.

Their tour stopped in Paris on December, 15th. Ahead of the concert, the members of THE BOYZ proved that they were enjoying their visit to Paris. They posting various pictures on their SNS account.

This made fans look even more forward to the concert, with the wish to prove that Paris wasn’t just a pretty city but also a place where they could receive support. Several Korean fans who made the trips to the concert seemed surprised to hear the loud cheers before the members showed up on stage.

It became even louder as the members began to sing Boy, their debut song. Throughout the whole concert, the members showed their surprise at the fans’ reactions. This tour is their first European experience, and they genuinely seemed to not really know what to expect. As fans stomped their feet to the ground, chanted and screamed hard, the members showed their honnest appreciation for the support they were receiving.

In two years, the group has built a solid discography. Enough for the concert to mostly consist of their own songs, with only one cover : Fire, by BTS. The opportunity for THE BOYZ to show that they can also impress on songs that aren’t theirs.

But rather than many covers, in the winter weather, THE BOYS’ songs brought their own warm vibes to Europe. Some of their songs are fresh like spring – such as “KeePer”, “Text Me Back” or “Bloom Bloom”. The light feelings from these songs are perfectly balanced with heavier choreos.

THE BOYZ in Paris

Young Hoon, unfortunately, had experienced a collarbone injury prior to the tour and had to minimize movement. He was unable to take part in these choreos. Even though the performances still looked awesome, the member himself is the only one who feels bad about it. Even though he might have been sorry to not be performing to his fullest capacities, fans were rather worried and especially thankful that he toured despite his injuries.

As for his members, they made sure to not forget him during the performances. Even though he had to sit on the side of the stage throughout the show, they made their best to interact with him. They probably wanted to show him that they were happy to have him here despite his recent injury.

That, probably, is an other point that made this concert special. THE BOYZ is a big group, litterally. Eleven members can sometimes be a handful, and a lot to take in. During the concert, the members showed great chemistry. Not only during their performances but also in their own interactions and smiles. When the fans wished Eric a happy birthday, the other members seemed just as happy as Eric himself.

It was easy to forget that they’re such a big group, precisely because they didn’t act as eleven people but definitely were showing a great unity. The chorus of “Get It”, as well as the songs “Giddy Up” or “No Air”, include heavier beats, proving that THE BOYZ could visit more musical territories. With eleven members on stage, and just as many personnalities and distinctive styles, they still have a lot to explore in the future.

Despite the group being only 2 years old, they have more than enough songs to last an entire concert. The rhythm is instense, the members sometimes breathless on stage. There are only a few ments during which they can catch their breath.


The longest ment is used for the members to change their outfit. While half of the members go backstage, the other half stays on stage. They use the opportunity to talk about what they did in Paris, and to show off the few french words they’ve used. It including a very french-sounding “Oh lala” that they all have mastered. At the “who’s the best french speaker” game, Kevin wins hands down but probably because he has learned french before.

For fans, it definitely was a beautiful day. Something they had foreseen, as their banner project said “The moments spent with you turn this day into a wonderful day”. Surprisingly, “D.D.D.” was the only song of the night from their latest album, “Dreamlike”. Instead of focusing on their latest songs, they made sure to include their older songs that European fans never had a chance to see live.

As an audience member, going down the group’s (still short) history proved their rapid growth and left us looking forward to what they’ll do next. Hopefully, fans will get the opportunity to see it live. The group promised to come back to Europe some day in the future.

We would like to thank MyMusicTaste for having us at the concert.

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