[Swag Check] Top 5 sneakers to own or buy for the Lunar New Year

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12 February 2015, Singapore – Hello people! Welcome back to Swag Check Thursday! 😉 We will be introducing interesting fashion labels, news and tips of and from your favourite idols on every Thursday! Since Lunar New Year is fast approaching, let me show you some of the sexy sneakers for this Year of Goat/Sheep!

Sneakers can be worn in almost all occasions (apart from probably the formal ballroom dinners). Most sneakers these days serves two functions; casual street style walking shoes or as running shoes (although I have to admit not the best for running for sure).

1) Reebok Instapump Fury OG ‘Chinese New Year’




The Insta Pump Fury featured a lace-less design with the framework of the front panel for a custom fit. This is what I call a ‘Lazy Man Shoes’.

“BA BA BLACK SHEEP!” The sheep is printed on the insole of the sneaker. This sneaker totally suit this sheep year as the whole sneaker itself look like a sheep. Did you realized there is no shoe lace for this sneaker? There is no shoe lace as air can be pumped into the front panel so that if there is a need to tighten the sneaker, all you got to do is to pump more air in. Likewise, if there is a need to loosen the sneaker, all you got to do is to release some air.

2) Reebok Ventilator ‘Chinese New Year’




The Reebok Ventilator is a classic men’s shoe which was a modern spin of the classic Reebok running shoe of the early shoes. Ventilator is a classic shoe that is still popular till today.

喜气洋洋! How can we leave out Red colour for Chinese New Year?! Reebok had released another pair of sneakers for this Chinese New Year. Red and Gold are considered lucky colours for the Chinese. 羊 (Chinese character for Sheep/Goat) printed on this pair of Red and Gold sneakers totally match the “feel” of this upcoming Chinese New Year.

3) Puma – Year Of The Sheep Collection

PUMA-Year-Of-The-Sheep-Collection-2015-05 Puma CNY Cabana Racer – Blue
PUMA-Year-Of-The-Sheep-Collection-2015-03 Puma CNY Cabana Racer – Marigold

PUMA-Year-Of-The-Sheep-Collection-2015-04 Puma TX-3 – Red
PUMA-Year-Of-The-Sheep-Collection-2015-06Puma TX-3 – Fern Green

The Year of Sheep collection comprises of two of Puma’s most iconic archive running footwear – the TX-3 and Cabana Racer. Both creatively styled in mesh and leather upper and completes the final look with an embroidered metallic sheep symbol on the tongue and on the heel with the gold ingots acts as the fastener for the lace.

4) Puma Future Disc Blaze Lite – Ribbon Red 

09-05-2013_puma_discblaze_red1 puma-disc-blaze-lite-red-ribbon-3

The main attraction of the Puma Disc is the adjustable disk system which enables a custom fit. The disk also eliminates the need for laces, making the Puma Disc that much more unique. Another pair of ‘Lazy Man Shoes’.

This pair of sneaker was launched in 2013 and is technically not a Lunar New Year collection. However, the ribbon red of the sneaker is so attractive that I believe it is suitable for this upcoming Lunar New Year. Visiting relatives in the Lunar New Year can be troublesome as you need to tie and untie the shoe laces frequently. With Puma Disc, all you got to do is to slip on the sneaker and turn the disc to tighten the sneaker, and off you go!

5) New Balance 997 – “Luxury Goods”

home_a1 home_b home_c home_e

Getting tired of red? What about Orange? New Balance 997 “Luxury Goods” is a collaboration of Concepts and New Balance. The pair of sneakers are inspired by the high-end Parisian label Hermès. The bright orange will definitely suit the upcoming Lunar New Year as the bright orange resembles the Mandarin.

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Photos Credits: Reebok, Puma, New Balance & Concepts
Article by: Tommy @ KAvenyou

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