Re-discover Bang Yongguk during his Europe Tour!

Bang Yongguk Europe tour

In march 2019, Bang Yongguk will perform in Europe in 5 cities. Here is why if you’re anywhere near his tour organised by KEvents, you should make sure to attend it.

At the age of 28, Bang Yongguk has already lived several lives.
Even as a teenager, as “Jepp Blackman”, a hip-hop artist, his rap lyrics where enough to attract attention.

After joining a K-Pop agency and becoming the leader of the K-Pop group B.A.P., his talent as a lyricist and producer shone through. His name appears in the credit of most B.A.P’s songs.
He also used this talent for other K-Pop groups (VIXX for example) under the name Andrew Baag.

However, it is as a solo artist that his lyrics feel the most personal. His doubts, strugles, his fights and his goals… It all appears through his solo tracks. So during summer 2018, he left his former agency and started to reclaim his freedom as an artist.

His first release since then is “HIKIKOMORI”, which will soon be completed by more tracks. As he stated during an Instagram live on January, 21st, he’s working hard on it by himself.

His upcoming tour will pretty much be a new beginning for Bang Youngguk. In HIKIKOMORI, he is willing to explore a new world. His new world will start with Europe – and more precisely France, his first stop on March, 22nd.

As he chose KEvents, who is also a K-Hip Hop party organiser, to come-back on stage, we can definitely look forward to his bright future as a hip-hop artist.

While most K-Pop fans know the leader of B.A.P, they are also very eager to discover more sides of him. Tickets are already on sales and not far from being sold-out, so visit and follow KEvents’ SNS for more information on tickets (Facebook, Instagram and Twitter).

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