Fans want more After School with Park Daewon

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After School with Park Daewon Singapore

For the first time ever, the adorable angel Park Daewon brought his first solo fanmeet “After School with Daewon” to Singapore here at the KC Arts Centre – Home of SRT. Park Daewon is well-known as being a member of MADTOWN, as well as UNB, a South-Korean boy group formed through the KBS reality show “The Unit” who was one of the performing acts here at HallyuPopFest in Singapore just last year. This time, he came as a solo act at his intimate fanmeet where his fans could spend some quality time with him alone. 

After School with Park Daewon Singapore 03

He kicked off the fanmeet with a sweet ballad cover of Jeong Sewoon’s “My Ocean”, donned in a classic school attire look. When asked the reason behind his choice of song, he explained he was contemplating on what song he should sing for his fans, where this chosen song had beautiful lyrics – one that he wanted to convey to his fans present. He admitted it was a difficult song to sing, but he still went on with it for his fans. Aww. He later moved on to sing one of his favourite senior artists, Lee Seung-gi’s song “Words that Say I Love You”.  

Fan service is clearly in his blood, with “Awws” filling up the venue

Fan service was in abundance, with some Q&A sessions and game segments. Despite the emcee being the one reading the questions (from fans) out and translating, the fans played a vital role in clarifying their questions when Daewon was confused. It was truly a one-of-a-kind Q&A session where Daewon literally interacted and talked directly with his fans! There were two sessions of game segments where fans played Charades and Telepathy, where they could not only be on stage with their idol, but also win a gift from Daewon (Autographed poster + polaroid!), much to the envy of the other girls who were seated. 

After School with Park Daewon Singapore 07

Daewon got shy, and his fans enjoyed every moment of it.

While he was initially supposed to go backstage to prepare for his next song, at the announcement of his self-filmed VCR playing, he ran towards the screen trying to cover it in embarrassment. It was truly the cutest sight ever. 

Refusing to leave the stage, he stood behind the curtain, covering himself while he still could watch the VCR. And while there was an unexpected technical error, fans started requesting a dance battle between Daewon and his emcee – one which Daewon was nervous since he kept complimenting his talented emcee who was good at dance.

After the dance battle, the VCR started playing and Daewon was back behind the curtains covering himself. When a scene of him taking off his outerwear was shown, fans couldn’t help but go “Woahh” while Daewon couldn’t help himself from running out to cover the screen AGAIN. It didn’t take a second for fans to go from “Woah” to breaking out to a huge laughter at his adorable actions. Oh god, why is he so shy?

With the emcee announcing his last song, Daewon serenaded his fans with ACOURVE’s “What Was That”. Even at the end, neither the fans nor Daewon wanted it to end, it was truly too short a moment at this fanmeet. 

With a few dozen of his fans present, he opened up saying back when he was in MADTOWN, he did not get many parts because he didn’t sing well. But he assured fans that he would continue working hard and bring more for them. Throughout the entire fanmeet, Daewon did not stop smiling to his fans, nor stop sending hearts to them. This was definitely a memorable fanmeet, as fans definitely got to get even closer to their star, with some stealing hugs from him after the show! Daewon shared that he’ll only be leaving Singapore on Monday and we can’t wait to see him sharing his little tour on his Instagram!

Thank you once again to Zads-Co for the invite to the Park Daewon fanmeet!

Article and Photography by Vanessa @ KAvenyou

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