[Paparazzi Corner] Taeyang raises more controversies in Malaysia by stripping in Singapore?

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9 February 2015, Singapore/Malaysia – Our inaugural KAvenyou’s Paparazzi Monday received good response, as we were honoured to “invite” the Running Man casts to join us (in the article at least). Following the controversies of Korean pop group B1A4 in Malaysia for “molesting” willing fans, Taeyang becomes the next in line to try stir something up in the relatively conservative nation. Famous for showing off his glamorous abdominal muscles, fans were caught in between; wanting to see him strip and not wanting him to be sent to jail.



Taeyang opted to play the safe card by both keeping his clothes on, and interacting with non-muslim fans instead. Does that mean his free from blame? Not exactly since fans weren’t exactly satisfied with the lack of action from the expectations to see some skin.





Those are just some of the comments, where fans showed their disappointment and there were more sinister and sarcastic remarks as well.

The dis-satisfaction in Malaysia was further flamed, as fans just across the causeway in Singapore enjoyed a treat. Taeyang not only showcased his signature six-packs but also teased fans with his language. Lets savour the moments.



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Article by: James @ KAvenyou
Malaysia Concert Photos: IME Productions Facebook

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1 thought on “[Paparazzi Corner] Taeyang raises more controversies in Malaysia by stripping in Singapore?”

  1. Keeping clothes on is a standard guideline for concerts in Malaysia, which a lot of other international acts have abided by. Nothing new.

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