LUNAFLY undergoes member change, introduces drumer "Jin" and guitarist "Yub"

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March was a pretty much busy month for LUNAFLY as they released their first every Spanish album “Hermosos Recuerdos” and announced their various fanmeetings and concerts around the world. LUNAFLY will be meeting their fans in Puerto Rico, Lima Peru and Boliva in the month of April.



On 17th March, a group photo of Yun and Sam along with 2 mysterious blacked out people was posted on LUNAFLY’s facebook page with the caption “Re:born LUNAFLY”.  With the teaser photo release, it seems like LUNAFLY will be transformed (and reborn) into a Quartet.


Earlier today, the 3rd member of LUNAFLY was officially announced. Jin (하진) will be taking the role of the drummer in the group. Jin also posted on his personal facebook: “Hello everyone I am Lunafly’s new member Jin~ i am looking forward to showing you all our new music!


jin222 jin111



The last member of the newly-transformed LUNAFLY was announced on 19th March. Sang Yub (상엽), going by the stage name “Yub”, will be LUNAFLY’s guitarist!




Since former LUNAFLY member Teo’s silent hiatus since late last year, many have been wondering if his departure was confirmed. It was revealed that the decision was made among Lunafly and the staff of Nega Network and the departure of Teo was deemed to have considered Teo’s and Lunafly’s future. While Lukies were upset about Teo’s silent departure, many were seen sending supportive messages to Teo on his social networks. Let’s wish Teo, now Shin Tae Ho, all the best in his future solo career!

LUNAFLY in Singapore for Christmas fanmeet in 2013

Article by Xuan Lin @ KAvenyou, Images from LUNAFLY Official Facebook.

KAvenyou: Singapore to Korea – Music, Wanderlust, Foodie, Lifestyle.

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