LUNAFLY share crazy moments with lucky Lukies in France

Lunafly in Paris

On July 26th, LUNAFLY arrived in France as a stop of their Made By You Europe tour.  

This tour has been made possible thought My Music Taste, a website that aims to bring the artists where fans want them to perform. Lukies in Italy, Romania, France and Portugal got their wish granted and Kavenyou was in France to witness it.

At Eragny-Sur-Oise, near Paris, Lukies gathered at the Covent Garden Studios. Despite the heat at the venue, they cheered as loud as they could for Sam, Yun and Teo.
They sang along with the songs – original and covers, old and new alike. Probably because, as Teo kept repeating as an introduction to almost every song, “the song [was] very famous in here”.Lunafly in Paris


That sentence he said again and again was probably part of his plans to convince everyone that he speaks a better english than Sam himself, despite Sam being a native speaker.

More than the cheers though, and even more than the undeniable talent all three members have as musicians and singers, what has made this concert special for all the Lukies was the natural and carefree interactions between Lunafly and the audience.

Lunafly in Paris

After hearing the french word for cute, the members decided it sounded like the name of a Pokemon. As Teo did a cute Pokemon impersonation, Sam and Yun discussed the fact that the english theme and the korean theme for Pokemons are different.
Upon seeing a fan making a phone call to a friend who couldn’t attend the events, the members took the phone and sang (and screamed) directly into it.
Noticing Luckies waving several fans at the same time, Sam also complained about being cheated on. Besides, he tried to make lukies use formal Korean, saying “I am older, I am an oppa”.
The grand finale was a waterfight (to fight the heat?), with Lunafly throwing water to fans, and vice-versa.

Lunafly in Paris

Though LUNAFLY blamed all the random talks and crazy moments on the lack of sleep, no doubts all of the audience enjoyed these moments. And we are sure the 10-years-old fan Sam found “so tiny” and who got serenaded by the boys will agree with us.

You can find more pictures from LUNAFLY’s concert in France on our Facebook page.

Article and Pictures by Céline @ KAvenyou
Thanks to : My Music Taste

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