The renewed LUNAFLY conquers the heart of European fans

Lunafly in Europe

This early September, LUNAFLY started their Re:born tour. A name fit to show everyone that the group is moving on after the member changes it faced. This tour, organised by Kanzen Music, led the four members to Germany, Finland, Spain, Romania and Poland. It is in Warsaw that KAvenyou could witness this rebirth.

The members sang their own songs of course – in Korean but also in Spanish – but also many covers, which the group is recognized for. The covers included Maroon 5’s She will be loved, Radiohead’s Creep, Green Day’s American idiot, The Calling’s Wherever You Will Go. During the tour, fans were also gifted a look into LUNAFLY’s new songs including Shake It Off.

A live performance shouldn’t only be about performances though, and the best concert memories are often made of moments shared between the artists and their fans. This is probably why fans anticipated Jin’s birthday with a birthday cake and teddy bears, as well as a congratulation song. Despite the fans’ cheers to smash the cake against his face (and Sam’s inclination to do it), Yub just put one finger into the cake and put some of it on Jin’s face. It seems they just didn’t want to waste good food.

Lunafly Europe tour

As usually with LUNAFLY’s performances abroad, Sam did most of the talking – his english origins being of great help to understand fans and be understood by them. But even if Yub and Jin were quiet, it was obvious to see they quickly made themselves at ease in LUANFLY, playing music and singing in perfect synchronization with Yun and Sam. And efficiently stealing the fans’ hearts.

LUNAFLY is quite a unique band in the K-Pop landscape. They’re not indie nor your typical idol. They aren’t on the upmost front stage in Korea, yet still can confidently meet their fans worldwide. This time, it was with their 2nd Europe tour, but there is no doubt the future will bring them to many more countries worldwide. And you won’t want to miss it.

Photo credits : Katarzyna @ KAvenyou

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