A sweeet~ ending to Kim Jaehwan fanmeet in Singapore

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kim jaehwan fanmeet singapore 2019

Finishing fourth in Korean survival program Produce 101, Kim Jaehwan, the former main vocalist of popular Korean Boy Band Wanna One was here on our sunny island last night, presenting his amazing vocals, dance moves and cute personality to WIN:Ds (Jaehwan’s fanclub name) at Kim Jaehwan Fanmeet in Singapore.

Jaehwan made a strong opening with one of his energetic and lively song DESIGNER. It was an enjoyable night for all WIN:Ds as he brought on stage many of his songs such as LOVE YOU STILL, MY STAR and BEGIN AGAIN (안녕하세요)

Apart from his own tracks, Jaehwan also did many covers of other singers such as Lena Park’s SORRY, Demi Lovato’s SORRY NOT SORRY and Trey Songz’s NEIGHBOURS KNOW MY NAME

WIN:Ds were also constantly bursting out into laughter during various game segments as he responded to questions thrown at him in a witty manner. 

With completely no clue on what a Merlion was, Jaehwan was really confused that he kept questioning if it was possible for there to be a half lion half fish species to exist. During the translation process, he did not have his in-ear plugged in, resulting in even more confusion. 

When the Emcee asked WIN:Ds where should Jaehwan visit in Singapore, a WIN:D shouted her house and Jaehwan immediately responded with “who are you?” cracking us up non-stop.

A sweeet~ ending to Kim Jaehwan fanmeet in Singapore

Favourite childhood snack Iced Gem and a jar of Kaya Jam was brought out on stage for Jaehwan and he proceeded with acting out a CF (Commercial Film), repeating the word sweeeet~ after tasting each item. He commented that he can’t do CFs for Singapore after each item but WIN:Ds obviously disagreed with that statement. 

A sweeet~ ending to Kim Jaehwan fanmeet in Singapore

Though mischievious and funny, Jaehwan showed the sweetest side of himself to WIN:Ds as he ended off the fanmeet with words such as “When WIN:Ds shine, I will shine too” and promises to work hard to make the path ahead for him and WIN:Ds a flowery path.

Will you continue to shine for Jaehwan till the day you meet again?

Article by: Zander @ KAvenyou
Official Photography: UnUsUaL Entertainment

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