Lee Junho’s ‘So Good’ Performance and Fanservice at First Fanmeeting in Singapore

Lee Junho, member of the iconic K-Pop group 2PM, held his first fanmeeting in Singapore on 8 December 2023, at Star Theatre. Singapore was the seventh stop of his first fanmeeting tour <Junho The Moment 2023>, which kicked off in Taipei in October 2023, and traveled to cities including Macau, Manila, Kuala Lumpur, Jakarta and Hong Kong.

Visiting Singapore again after five years, the 33-year-old multi-talented Korean superstar sang a total of nine songs, and entertained fans with his superb fanservice, acting skills and performance during the 2.5 hours fanmeet. 

The night started off with his hit songs ‘Nobody Else’ and ‘Canvas’ from his 2017 album CANVAS, where he appeared on stage in a maroon red shirt – which he later said was to suit the upcoming festive season. 

Though many fans were worried about him as he had caught a cold, he reassured them that he was fine, and displayed his professionalism throughout the fanmeeting, acceding to fan requests of selfies, hugs, game challenges and more. 

In his personal time however, Junho expressed that he doesn’t really take selfies unless there is a need to take a “proof photo” (인증샷; a photo you take to proof that you did something or were present somewhere). So these days his staff takes photos of him to post on social media.

Junho also shared that his MBTI always changes according to the character he plays, and his current MBTI is ENTJ – his favourite MBTI so far. Reason being, research has shown that there are only 3% in the world who are ENTJ (hence he’s special!), and he personally thinks it is the closest MBTI to who he really is.

As he watched the scenes of the past dramas he acted in, he admitted that he feels shy watching himself on television, though during the actual filming, he doesn’t feel that way as he is immersed in his role at the set. 

He later proceeded to re-enact the popular scenes in ‘The Red Sleeves’ and ‘King the Land’, which invited cheers from the audience and emcee, especially when he acted out his character Goo Won’s famous line in ‘King the Land’ – “Why aren’t you always thinking about me?” in English and Singlish. His Singlish version was so authentic that the emcee even said he is ready for a long stay here! 

Before he proceeded to the next segment on reading messages from fans, he performed his new single ‘Nothing But You’, an R&B ballad written and composed by Junho himself.

Even though the K-Pop veteran has debuted for 15 years, Junho continues to gain popularity worldwide, and it is not difficult to understand why he is loved by his fans. Throughout the fanmeeting, he was spontaneous, personable, and showed his charms as a singer, actor and dancer.

After singing a series of songs, including ‘Flashlight’ (the first time he sang this song in his fanmeeting tour), ‘Can I’ and ‘I’m in Love’, Junho once again thanked fans for coming to support him. He had so much fun that he said, “If I have the chance, I will come here again and hold a concert here!” (Are Hottests excited?)

He also said that he will start filming a new project this year, and hopes to have the chance to meet fans again after that. 

At the end of the fanmeeting, fans surprised Junho with their fan project, as they prepared a VCR and held up banners saying “Supporting All of Lee Junho’s Moments”. 

“I know how much effort and time is needed to attend all the concerts and fanmeetings. I showed my very best today, and the reason I can keep on going is because of everyone… I hope everyone will always be healthy and happy as you think about me,” said the multi-talented entertainer.

The fanmeeting ended with an energetic song ‘Ride Up’, as Junho waved goodbye and made finger hearts for his fans. We hope Hottests will continue to show their support for Junho and his upcoming project, and look forward to the day he returns to our shores again!

Article: Victoria @ KAvenyou
Official Photos: JYP Entertainment

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