“Soundtrack #2” Cast Shares Characters’ Bumpy Romance Journey at Press Conference

Following the success of Disney+ Original series “Soundtrack #1” in the spring of 2022, romance series “Soundtrack #2” is now released in the winter of 2023. The press conference was attended by the main actors Kuem Sae-Rok (The Interest of Love, Youth of May), Noh Sang-Hyun (Pachinko, Behind Every Star), Son Jung-Hyuk as well as the two directors Kim Hee-Won (Soundtrack #1, Little Women, Vincenzo) and Choi Jung-Gyu (The Devil Judge).

“Soundtrack #2” tells the story of Do Hyeon-Seo (Kuem Sae-Rok) and Ji Su-Ho (Noh Sang-Hyun); college sweethearts who broke up and were reunited by chance after years apart. Despite the awkward reunion, the pair stays together at Su-Ho’s house with talented musician Kei (Son Jung-Hyuk) due to a music project. Will the couple get back together? Why did they break up in the first place? How will Kei’s appearance affect their relationship? The actors shared more about their characters’ bumpy romance journey in the press conference for Soundtrack #2.

While the other two are seasoned actors, Jung-Hyuk is making his acting debut with “Soundtrack #2”. In the series, Kei writes song lyrics but the real life singer-songwriter actually wrote the theme song for the series. Sharing more on this, Jung-Hyuk mentioned that he was actually not having a favourable relationship with music before he started filming as he was preparing for an album that was eventually not released. Working on the music in “Soundtrack #2” ultimately made him fall deeper in love with music.

The Soundtrack series is undeniably written around music and it might come as a surprise to know that the two musicians in the series were actually new to their instruments in real life. Sae-Rok and Jung-Hyuk had a short but intensive preparation period to learn their respective instruments; the piano and the guitar. When asked about his opinion on Sae-Rok’s piano performance in the series, Jung-Hyuk stated that they both worked really hard and it was fine when they played together.

One unique point about this series is how relatable it is, particularly focusing on Hyeon-Seo’s journey. As a skillful pianist with many awards, Hyeon-Seo is however struggling with typical issues we might face like making rent. She gives up on her dream of being a professional pianist and we see her trying to make ends meet by taking up food delivery and odd jobs in the first two episodes of the series. Sae-Rok shared that she tried to portray her character as a grounded person being hesitant about love and relationships because there is just so much on her plate, ‘Is it so wrong to give up on your dream? Isn’t it enough that you are living your life in the best way possible?’

When asked to choose who differed the most from their first impressions, Sae-Rok and Director Choi chose Sang-Hyun. Sae-Rok shared that while on set, her character bantered and argued a lot with Sang-Hyun’s but after filming wrapped and they met more often for promotions, she got to know his true self which was much sweeter and nicer, even stating he was like her best friend these days. Director Choi also mentioned that while Sang-Hyun looked so chic and cool, they also saw the playful side of him on set.

Check out “Soundtrack #2”, a touching story of romantic rekindling, now available for streaming on Disney+!

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