[COVERAGE] KBEE 2018 successfully ended with a blast!

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kbee 2018 brand ambassadors

KBEE 2018 (Korea Brand & Entertainment EXPO) brought Hallyu Stars, Honorary Ambassadors Song Jihyo, Lee Junho from 2PM and Snuper, to Singapore last week at Marina Bay Sands EXPO & Convention Centre.

KBEE highlights the exhibition of Korean products, allowing the browsing and trying of quality products from over 100 Korean companies in various fields such as K-Beauty, K-Fashion,K-Lifestyle, K-Service, and K-Food. Special events such as K-Beauty Makeup Show, MCN Power Blogger Love show and of course, the not-to-be-missed Hallyu K-PopStar Concert, and Fan Signing Sessions with KBEE 2018 Honorary Ambassadors themselves!

Honorary ambassadors of KBEE 2018 indulged fans during fansign

Lucky fans from Hottest to Swings queued in line as they wait nervously to meet Junho from 2PM, Snuper and the ever so adorable and beautiful Song Jihyo.

Junho, who had his fansign session held on Day 1 of KBEE thanked his fans for making their way down to meet him, and hopes everyone will enjoy and have fun at the concert later on that night.

kbee 2018 brand ambassadors junho

Fansigning sessions of KBEE Day 2 were graced by Song Jihyo and Snuper.

kbee 2018 brand ambassadors song jihyo

So much hugs and love exclamation of “SARANGHAEYO!” flying between both Song Jihyo herself and Singapore fans!

kbee 2018 brand ambassadors snuper

Due to time constraint, fans were not able to take photos with them; however they were very attentive as they interacted with each of their fans.

Upon nightfall, KBEE 2018 in Singapore officially launched with a Bang! and the opening ceremony was joined by Honorary Ambassadors Junho, Song Jihyo and Snuper.

Starting off the night was AsiaRookie Boy Story. The boys performed their songs from ‘Enough’, ‘Everybody Handz Up’, ‘Jump Up’ and ‘How Old R U’.

kbee 2018 boy story

Being their first time here in Singapore, Boy Story innocently mentions how nervous yet excited they are. They also mentioned they are very honoured to be able to share the same stage as many other seniors attending KBEE 2018 in Singapore. They continued to thank everyone for their support and promised to continue working harder.

KBEE 2018 ambassador Song Ji Hyo reveals K-beauty tips for her flawless skin

The night was followed by a short and special interview with Song Jihyo. Special K-beauty tip was given by her asshe mentions basics like proper cleansing is very important to her. As the weather is turning colder back in South Korea, she has recently begun to focus more on moisturizing as well.

[COVERAGE] KBEE 2018 successfully ended with a blast!

She also threw a question to her fans present in the audience for places recommended to visit in Singapore and one of her fan lovingly joked Jihyo should make a trip to Gardens by the Bay so as to see many beautiful flowers like herself!

Song Jihyo did not forget to mention she will be trying Bak Kut Teh the next day and how much her love is for Singapore’s famous Chilli Crab as well!

Starting off their medley with latest single ‘You In My Eyes’, Snuper returned to Singapore in less than 2 months and displayed their charms for Singapore Swings once again with many other of their songs such as ‘Starry Winter Night’, ‘Tulips’ and ‘The Stars of Stars’.

[COVERAGE] KBEE 2018 successfully ended with a blast!

Singapore Hottest cheered for Junho as they anticipated all night and welcomed him to stage with the infamous slogan, “What time is it? Its 2PM!”

Performing his solo song ‘Canvas’ and a Korean version of 2PM’s ‘Wow’, Junho did not forget to interact with his fans as he went down the stage and danced in front of his fans.

[COVERAGE] KBEE 2018 successfully ended with a blast!

Before he ended the night, Junho made a promise to Singapore Hottest, promising to bring the members of 2PM back together with him next time he visits our sunny island.

KAvenyou would like to thank KBEE Global for the invite to KBEE 2018 (Korea Brand & Entertainment EXPO)

[COVERAGE] KBEE 2018 successfully ended with a blast!

Article by: Leslyn @ KAvenyou

Photography by: Junsi & ZhenZhen @ KAvenyou

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