Visiting Korea? Trace the footsteps of your favourite idols and enjoy these activities in Korea

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Seoul, and South Korea in general, offer a lot of activities to partake in while on a vacation. From palaces to museums, from stores to restaurants, there is a lot to choose from. However, while on your vacation to South Korea, there might also be a day or two when you want to do something different. What best then to trace the footsteps of your favourite idol, and experience Korea activities like what they have done on various Korean variety programmes?

1. Paragliding

korea activities yangpyeong paragliding

Seoul and its suburb areas are a gorgeous view to admire from the top of a mountain. But if you don’t want to hike up one of the city’s high points or if you want to enjoy someting a little bit different, you might want to look into paraglading. Just like GOT7 did in one of their Hard Carry episodes.

Then paragliding is just the solution you’re looking for. You can enjoy the view from up there and feel like a bird. Just make your booking, take the subway from Seoul, and meet your instructor for an unforgattable memory in Korea’s sky. Book your paragliding experience HERE.

2. Create your own pottery

korea activities pottery

With pottery having such a romantic image, not only Boys Over Flowers, but several dramas and TV shows (We Got Married for example) include a pottery scene.

Regarding the companion to share this romantic moment with, you’ll have to fond one yourself. A friend will do too. But to find a nice place to express your creativity, you can book your experience HERE.

3. Water sports in Seoul

korea activities water sports

If you watch Korean variety shows or K-pop idols’ reality TV, you may know it already. Water sports are quite popular in Korea. BTS are only one of the many K-Pop groups who enjoy trying out new water activities.

But did you know that you don’t even have to leave Seoul to enjoy some refreshing time enjoying water sports? On the Han river, you can try one of the followings : flyboard, wakeboard, banana boat…

And when you’re tired from all those activities, you can also enjoy the sunset view in a tubester. You can find many of these activities on this website. Just put your best swimsuit in your suitcase and you’re set to fight the summer heat. And as a bonus point, you also get to enjoy the Han river skyline.

4. Camping

korea activities camping glamping

Many Koreans, including celebrities, absolutely love camping. An activity that you can find in dramas, in reality TV shows as well as variety shows.
It isusually seen as a fun way to spend time with friends. You get to enjoy the night breeze, eat snacks and talk your heart out.

Celebrities often describe it as an healing activity. And what’s amazing in South Korea is that you don’t need to go to rural areas for a night out in a camping ground.

Trazy offers a camping experience along the Han River, but if you like the mountain more than the river, you can also look into the Greenway Family Camping. There are many other camping options avaible, so get ready to spend a night out in Seoul!

5. Play arcade games

korea activities arcade

This one is such an easy activity. You don’t need to book in advance, and there are so many games and activities that everyone can have fun. Many idols have been seen playing arcade games – there’s even a whole show called Idol Arcade. From crane machines to coin-operated karaoke boxes, from shooting ranges to racing games…. The major arcades in Seoul have pretty much everything you need.

One famous place for arcade, featured in several dramas and shows, is Funny Land’s, located 46-1 Eoulmadang-ro, Seogyo-dong, Mapo-Gu, Seoul.

6. Go to a theme park

korea activities theme park lotte world everland

There are amusement parks in many different countries and places around the world, so you might consider going to one in South Korea will be a waste of time (and money). But they are a sure way to get some fun.

Whether you’re going with your lover for a romantic date, or with friends who are looking for the thrill of rollercoasters, it’s the perfect place for a day outside of the city. Be it in K-dramas or idols’ reality TV show, it’s hard to not know that these parks are popular. Lotte-World, Everland, E-World… South Korea offers many possibilities so choose the cutest headband and jump on that ride!

7. Become a Running Man

korea activities running man

Running Man may have left the Korean screens some times ago already, it definitely hasn’t left the heart of many fans. Many have enjoyed seeing both the regular casts and the guests competing to complete the missions and win the game.

In Insadong, you can find the Running Man Theme Park. Complete tasks and collect points with games and activities inspired by the famous TV show. If you have a competitive spirit, it’s your opportunity to prove that you’re a true Running Man. Grab your tickets or packages HERE.

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