Hwang Jung-min Returns As Himself In “Hostage: Missing Celebrity” As He Escapes From His Captors

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Late on an ordinary night, top celebrity Hwang Jung-min is abducted in Seoul with no witnesses or evidence on scene.

The famed actor’s race to survive within the dire, desperate situation begins!

Get set to be captivated by a reality action thriller!

Veteran actor Hwang Jung-min has reigned at the box office every summer with films such as “Veteran”, which surpassed 10 million viewers with its exhilarating storyline, “The Spy Gone North”, a well-made spy drama with cinematic fun made to perfection, and “Deliver Us from Evil”, which revitalized the stagnant theater district with thrilling chase actions. South Korean action flick, “Hostage: Missing Celebrity”, Hwang’s first film of 2021, has fans excited to witness his irreplaceable presence and performance once again.

The fresh concept of actor Hwang Jung-min, who returns as himself in the film, being captured hostage has been developed new with the production crew of “Veteran” and “Exit”. In particular, Filmmakers R & K, a production company that has proven great chemistry with new directors, such as Lee Sang-geun, the director of “Exit”, and Choi Jung-yol, the director of “Start-Up”, is set to present another successful debut of new director Pil Gam-sung. Director Pil, who received support from the best production team in his first feature film “Hostage: Missing Celebrity” said, “It felt like I had a baton in hand before excellent performers from the likes of the Berlin Philharmonic. With their great experience and skills, the production crew filled the film more than I ever imagined,” and expressed his gratitude.

The tension in the movie is further maximized as Hwang Jung-min begins his escape. The production team filmed it in a one-take to keep up with Hwang Jung-min as he runs for his life. Hwang Jung-min said, “I really wanted to show the scene of being chased in the mountains in a dynamic way.” As such, he filmed the escape scene by being on wires and running and rolling around the steep mountains without hesitation. In addition, Hwang’s action scene during the escape is not a well-choreographed sequence like in his previous works, but real actions that convey his will to survive. Director Pil Gam-sung said, “I wanted to effectively show the fatigue and desperation felt by Hwang Jung-min through the action scenes, so we used one-take filming with handheld cameras,” and explained the hard efforts to create the reality action thriller.


Hwang Jung Min is the top actor in Korea. On his way home after a press conference on his latest film’s release, Hwang Jung-min is captured by unidentified assailants and is taken hostage. Without any evidence or witnesses left at the scene, he is the only one who can save himself. Eventually, he makes the ultimate escape, risking his life to avoid the eyes of his enraged abductors.

Watch the trailer here:

Hwang Jung-min, who always gives thrilling experiences to audiences who visit theaters, will once again prove his star power of the summer through “Hostage: Missing Celebrity”, which airs in Singapore cinemas from 18 August 2021.

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