Insta-worthy Hallyu Star’s Cafe & How To Get There

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Insta-worthy Hallyu Star's Cafe & How To Get There

White walls, minimalistic wall decals and plenty of natural light –– The perfect combination for a beautiful cafe to take your next Instagram photo. Unlike the other Korean patrons sitting around me, I did not stumble upon this quaint little cafe by chance.

I expected an overpriced menu and walls plastered with photos of the idol, what you would see in a stereotypical idol-owned cafe but I was pleasantly surprised. Just looking at the interior made me feel like I’ve already gotten my money’s worth. With a good balance of cushioned seats and seats fit for studying, it’s no wonder that this cafe is already popular with the local crowd.

Get yourselves acquainted with “Haru & OneDay” cafe

This cafe is none other than ‘Haru & OneDay’ cafe co-owned by Super Junior’s Donghae and his brother Donghwa. The cafe’s decorations speaks little of their owners, but the attention to detail in its product and interior design speaks volumes about how much they love this space.


Insta-worthy Hallyu Star's Cafe & How To Get There

Right smack in the middle is a large projector screen, silently screening an English movie that I don’t know of, but it did add to the ‘artsy’ vibe it exuded. Simple wall decals adorn its otherwise bare white walls and since the weather was still chilly when I went, blankets and cushions were provided for a cosy touch.

Drinks are priced between 3,500won to 6,500won which is relatively average for most cafes in Korea and small bites such as cakes, sandwiches and wraps go from anywhere between 5,500won and 6,500won. Pretty decent I must say for an idol-owned cafe.

Insta-worthy Hallyu Star's Cafe & How To Get There

With each drink you buy, you’re given a paper sleeve that says ‘Haru & ___day’, with the latter word corresponding to the day of the week that you visited the cafe. See what I mean by attention to detail?


Insta-worthy Hallyu Star's Cafe & How To Get There
(Screencap taken from Naver Maps)

Located within 2-mins from Seongsu subway station, its extremely accessible location makes it a breeze to locate. Simply walk out of exit 4 and walk straight. You should be able to see the beautiful entrance within 2-3 mins!

Although I did not bump into Donghae on both visits, who knows, one day you might!

Is there another idol cafe that’s equally as brilliant? Let us know in the comments below!

Article & photography: Cass @ KAvenyou

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