Cupid’s Picks: Getting to the Heart of Valentine’s Day with Disney+ OTPs!

Just in time for 14 February, Cupid’s picks are a delicious assortment of romance shows that will have us sobbing, laughing, or bursting with immense joy. Whether paired up or single, Cupid has curated a selection that feeds your soul with eye-catching couple pairings, ready to whisk your heart away with a fantasy love story or simply to rekindle your honeymoon flutters.

Here are three K-drama recommendations on Disney+ that will pull on your heartstrings this season of love!

1) Soundtrack #2

We’ve been mesmerised by the cast of Soundtrack #1, but be prepared to be swept off your feet with the cast of Soundtrack #2 as it unfolds the story of Su-ho and Hyeon-seo, who meet in their youth and find their way back to each other after several years. 

Returning for another season filled with irresistible romances, Soundtrack #2 will see fate intervene as the characters navigate through their unresolved pasts and a spectrum of emotions. We can only cherish their tender moments from our seats like Su-ho drifting into sleep to Hyeon-seo’s voice (like we all could!). 

Experience their genuine connection and undeniable chemistry in Soundtrack #2, now streaming on Disney+.

2) Tell Me That You Love Me

Talk about love that knows no boundaries – we embrace the strength of quiet romance with this one. We witness the uplifting and heartening love story of two beautiful characters – Jung Mo-eun and Cha Jin-woo, as they overcome their biggest challenge of communicating with each other. While falling in love, Mo-eun helps Jin-woo escape his lonely world, and Jin-woo helps Mo-eun see the world differently. Warm your heart to their beautifully depicted relationship as they express love through unspoken gestures in Tell Me That You Love Me.

3) Dr. Romantic 3

Fans of the Dr. Romantic franchise are definitely excited for this sequel–Dr. Romantic 3, which returns strong with new doctors, a captivating new antagonist, and an unmissable romance between Seo Woojin, a slandered doctor who is trying to rebuild his life and Cha Eunjae, a second-year surgery fellow who frequently competes with Woojin but has issues when she performs surgery. Not to forget the love lines between the other Doldam couples as well!

Binge watch these dramas now on Disney+ !

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