[Foodie Friday] Reasons why you should pop by Caffebene

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4If the name Caffebene rings a bell, it may be because you’ve seen this coffeehouse being featured in episode 263 of Running Man, where Kang Gary and Song Jihyo worked undercover serving coffee as part of their mission! Well, good news for all Runners in Singapore, as well as avid café hoppers in Singapore, Caffebene has finally made its way to Singapore!

Now you can enjoy the same type of coffee and desserts Gary and Jihyo served!

After popping by Caffebene, we feel that everyone needs to give this little café a try. Here’s why:

  1. The ambience at Caffebene is amazing.

There are 3 concepts that are incorporated into the design of the store, namely wooden design,         vintage european style and industrial style. However, with so many concepts in one store, it didn’t seem overwhelming and messy, instead, it was such a good blend that we didn’t know there were so many concepts housed in the store.  The setting of the store gives off a warm vibe, perfect for a small group of friends to chill while enjoying some authentic Korean desserts and drinks. If alfresco dining is more of your style, fret not as seats are available outside of the store, facing the sea no less!


Image credit: Caffebene SG
Image credit: Caffebene SG
Image Credit: Caffebene SG
Image Credit: Caffebene SG

2.   There is a wide variety of food to choose from.

From Bingsus to Honey Bread to Belgium Waffles to specially handcrafted drinks, Caffebene offers a wide range of food for one to choose from. There are also salads, wraps and drinks that are only available in Singapore. We got a taste of some of Caffebene’s best sellers, including the Garlic and Cheese Honey Bread, Salmon Mayo Wrap, Tiramisu Waffle, Misugaru Frappeno, Sweet Potato drink and Strawberry Bingsu. Besides the ones we tried, they’re many other varieties to choose from, including Gelato ice-cream and salads. Not to mention that the presentation of the food is really a major plus-point in making everything look extremely appetising. We shall let the pictures speak for themselves.

1 3 Caffebene_Singapore (1) Caffebene_Singapore (2) Caffebene_Singapore (3) Caffebene_Singapore (7)

3. The service line is amazing.

The service staff greets you as in walk in and out of the café. Though it may not seem like it’s much, but it really creates a very warm environment as we feel welcomed into the café. Not to mention that the staff prepares the food from scratch upon ordering (except wraps and salads), making sure that the food is as fresh as possible!

Caffebene is located at :

VivoCity, 1 HarbourFront Walk, #02-150

Visit Caffebene’s website: http://www.caffebene.com.sg/ to find out more!

Article by: Beatrice @ KAvenyou

Photography by: Zhen Zhen and Beatrice @ KAvenyou

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