BTS sells out stadiums in Europe, tickets resold at 4000USD

BTS popularity seems to know no limits are the group recently announced a stadium tour.
Ticketing for the dates in the U.S. and in Europe was planned on March, 1st. The ticketing for London and Paris already happened.

This tour is BTS’ 2nd visit in Europe and their first time performing in stadium. The capacity for the venues was about 3 times the capacity of their previous concerts in both cities. Yet, the number of seats wasn’t sufficient as some fans shared screenshots, proving that there was up to 250 000 people in line to access ticketing.

So fans needed luck and persistence to get their precious ticket. One fan said on Twitter :
” I nearly gave up but tried again and luckily got the ticket… I was waiting for hours to get the seats closer to the stage but the queue never moved for me”.

Many fans were left without a ticket and took to Twitter to ask for additional concerts, hoping for a chance to see the members perform in such big venues. Some are devastated as they were hoping that the venues size would be enough to let them see the group.

However, it is obvious that not all tickets went to fans. As shown on the picture about, resell websites proposed some tickets up to 4000USD. And seems it says Cat. 4, this is more than 60 times the initial price of the ticket. Even though such expensive tickets probably won’t find a buyer, it still proves how illegal resellers expect to make high profits from this tour.

Reselling for profits is, of course, not a legal practice. Ticketting websites tried to limit the number of scalpers by updating information (prices, maps, etc) last minute. However, it didn’t fully prevent the phenomenon.

We’d like to remind all K-pop fans to not encourage scalpers. The best way to do it is to not buy at such prices, especially as you can never know whether or not the ticket will be valid.

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