How to survive a gruelling 7-hour queue for BTS concert

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How to survive a gruelling 7-hour queue for BTS concert
Being jungshook after reading the concert event guides

Disclaimer: The 7 hour timing is based on the standing pen queue start time at 12.30pm vs the concert start time at 7pm. You can still enter at a later timing (which we’ll be doing as we’ll still probably be far away from oppas no matter what time we come) or even earlier if you want to get merch, or if you are too excited and cannot fall asleep for the entire night.

Most ARMY attending the BTS World Tour ‘Love Yourself’ in Singapore (LYSG) are probably watching BTS’ solo concert in Singapore for the first time (unless you’ve followed them since debut and went for The Red Bullet concert – please come and claim your veteran award), and are probably shocked by the event guide details released for the upcoming concert.

How to survive a gruelling 7-hour queue for BTS concert

At this point, we’ll like to congratulate you for surviving the ticketing war! If you had queued overnight for tickets, queueing for the concert itself should be no mean feat for you.

How to survive a gruelling 7-hour queue for BTS concert

Compared to their first concert at The Star Theatre with no standing pens, LYSG will see the largest standing pen capacity for a K-pop concert in Singapore to date. For those who have bought standing pen tickets, good luck to you.

There has been enough critics “throwing stones” at the organisers, so we will refrain from doing that. In helping you better prepare for the blood, sweat, tears to be shed on 19 January, we have some tips to offer; hopefully you do not faint while queueing.

1. Visit a Korean BBQ restaurant 
before the concert
How to survive a gruelling 7-hour queue for BTS concert

With so many Korean BBQ restaurants out there, how about hitting one before queueing; and line your stomach with those meat and you are guaranteed to be full for the rest of the day. Be sure to visit the toilet before entering the concert though!

2. Refrain from taking in too much liquid

Bladder capacity is often a problem better associated to people with a higher age. With the age of fans attending the concert probably in their 10s to 20s, we will like to assume bladder capacity should not be much of an issue. However, just in case… refrain from drinking too much water a couple of hours before joining the queue. Do the military style, do a water parade and drink loads of water the night before and the morning when you wake up. Or from the experienced K-pop fan here: drink a few sips every now and then.

3. Consult a Muslim friend

With Singapore being a multi-racial country, who better to consult than your Muslim friends who has to undergo a month-long fasting every year right? If our friends can survive almost 12 hours of fasting every day for a month, with the right preparations; I am sure you can survive the 7-hour queue.

4. Create your own source of “water”
How to survive a gruelling 7-hour queue for BTS concert

Outside food and drinks are not allowed to the venue, but what is within your body cannot be removed. Try bringing some candies, since sucking the candies will replenish sugar aka energy (or Suga hahaha ok not funny); it also stimulates saliva creation aka liquid. Desperate times calls for desperate measures right? If all else fails, admire photos of your BTS bias and it should also make you drool =P

5. Gather your inner chakra with the help of BTS
How to survive a gruelling 7-hour queue for BTS concert
Link hands together for ~extra~ power up

Like plants that can absorb sunlight as an energy source for photosynthesis, turn on your ARMY Bomb and absorb the holy light to gather inner chakra!! In desperate moments, we always say “it’s all in the mind” isn’t it? If BTS can’t help you last the 7 hours, I don’t know what will.

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