[INTERVIEW] 10cm shares about friendship with Go Young-bae and wishes to collaborate with IU!

Korean acoustic-folk indie singer, 10cm (Kwon Jung-yeol) has arrived in Singapore two days ahead of his first concert in Singapore, titled “we are close enough” which will be happening on the 18th November 2019, 8PM at Esplanade Annexe Studio.

10cm is widely known for his beautiful soothing voice which is behind many popular OST hits like “My Eyes” from Goblin (Starring Gong Yoo), and “Lean On Me” from one of the trending Korean drama Hotel Del Luna (Starring IU and Yeo Jin Goo).

The KAvenyou team had the opportunity to sit down and talk to 10cm before his concert regarding his inspiration behind his music, what he wants to do here in Singapore and also his friendship with Go Youngbae (From Soran). Check out the full interview below:

1) It’s your first time performing in Singapore, do you have any food you want to try, or any places you want to visit?

I have been here in Singapore for holiday once before. I went to Marina Bay Sands the last time, but I really want to go back there again. If there is one more place I want to go, it’s Orchard Road. I also want to try the famous Chilli Crab because I didn’t get to try it the previous time.

2) Before coming to Singapore, what is your impression of your Singapore fans?

The concert hasn’t happened yet, and because I’ve never had any first-hand interaction with his Singapore fans before, I have only interacted with them through social media platforms where I receive messages from them. My impression of them through their messages is that they say things in a very pretty manner.

3) What normally inspires you to make your music?

My inspiration doesn’t come all of a sudden. Usually it’s when I’m working hard to create songs, and I will get sudden inspiration from those times. Besides that, it’s either when I’m watching a movie and something comes to mind or when I’m just having a conversation with my friends, and then the conversation just sparks some ideas.

4) For new fans or people who don’t know much about you yet, what song(s) would you recommend for them to listen to?

Phonecert, Stalker and Mattress.

5) We noticed that you have a couple of tattoos. Do they have any special meaning behind it?

There’s no specific meaning to it and because I really love the band Metallica, the one on my right arm is something they said before, and the one on my left arm is my logo and the rest is just because they’re pretty, for aesthetic purposes. And yes, I plan to get more tattoos haha.

6) We know that you are close to other musicians such as Go Youngbae (from Soran). What’s the most funny episode that you have experienced with him?

Just hearing someone here mention Go Young-bae is already a funny episode. The moment I heard you (Interviewer) mention Go Young-bae, I want to quickly give a call to him to let him know someone actually knows about our friendship. There are two episodes: One interesting, and one funny.

The interesting one was when I was busking on the streets. I got invited by Go Young-bae to be a guest performer with him so I have a deep impression of that.

The funny part is when I went to be the guest performer, there was no microphone so I had to use my voice and sing out loud haha.

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7) Who do you want to do a collaboration with next?

(Interviewer: What about Go Young-bae?)
No no no haha…

While it was a short interview, it was definitely a fun experience hearing about his unique friendship with Go Young-bae, and definitely, we can only hope a collaboration between IU and him happen soon enough! We can’t wait for his first ever concert in Singapore to happen on Monday, but until then, we hope he gets to explore our beautiful country Singapore during his free time.

Also, 10cm has a message for his Singapore fans:

We would like to thank Mode Entertainment and 10cm for the interview opportunity. See you guys there at his first-ever concert in Singapore!


Date: 18 November 2019 (Monday)
Time: 8pm
Venue: Esplanade Annex Studio
Ticket Prices: $128 (VIP) (SOLD OUT), $88

Get your tickets from Apactix here.

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