[Wanderlust Wednesday] Top obvious places to "stalk" your Korean idols in Korea


18 February 2015, Seoul – We last revealed the best ways to experience Korean Pop without having to stalk your idols in Korea. Clearly we cannot leave out the obvious places to be camping/stalking your favourite Korean idols right? Do not be mistaken, because we really do not support idol stalking or for the matter stalking anyone (kinda psychotic isn’t it?).

As a K-pop fan and a traveler, it’s obvious that you would like to see your favorite idol during your trip to Seoul. The chance is not that high when you don’t try, but if you make the effort, there’s a higher possibility that you might meet him/her/them. One way is to visit the K-Pop entertainment building and wait in front of it…

Seoul is where all the major K-pop record labels and entertainment buildings are located. Who knows? You might be lucky enough to see your favorite K-pop stars or so-called biases in front of their entertainment building.

[tabs tab1=”1. SM” tab2=”2. JYP” tab3=”3. Cube” tab4=”4. FNC” tab5=”5. YG“]


1. SM Entertainment Building


Located in the Cheongdam-dong area, the new SM Entertainment Headquarter boasts a sleek building. Home to popular Korean groups like Girls’ Generation, Super Junior, TVXQ, SHINee, f(x) and EXO, no better “campsite”.

For directions & more details, click here.


2. JYP Entertainment Building


The iconic building in K-star road. The building is usually covered with JYPE’s K-Pop artist posters. However JYP has recently sold the building and is planning to move. The location has not been revealed just yet. In the meantime, do visit the building before it’s gone forever! Perhaps you may get to see the likes of 2PM, miss A or even JYP himself.

For directions & more details, click here.


3. Cube Entertainment Building


Located nearby the JYP building, Cube has gained a lot of popularity with BEAST and 4Minute’s success. It also runs Cube Studio Cafe right nearby the building where it sells souvenirs as well.

For directions & more details, click here.


4. FNC Entertainment Building


Located nearby SM Entertainment HQ, FNC building is the home of FT ISLAND, CNBLUE, JUNIEL, and AOA.

For directions & more details, click here.


5. YG Entertainment Building


Just like their unique style, YG’s stylish HQ is located in the neighborhood of Hongdae (northern part of Seoul). YG HQ is especially known for its very delicious cafeteria.

For directions & more details, click here.


Tips: Rumours has it that it is best timing to be camping at night where the idols return from their day time activities.

Curious about other entertainment buildings? Please click here to see the full list! Also don’t forget to visit Trazy.com for all the latest local things to do in Korea!

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Article by: Kristine @ Trazy.com

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