[GAME] Would you go to “The Edge of The Sky” with BTS?

What do the boys of KPOP do when they are off-duty? They play games. Like other boys their age would, they spend their free time playing games and the one game that has many people hooked right now is Overwatch. Idols who have mentioned the game include VIXX’s Hongbin (he is so good at the […]


[Movie] Part-time Spy starring Kang Ye-won, Han Chae-a & Jo Jae-yun!

Voice  phishing has established  itself  as  one  of  the  biggest  scams  in  recent  years,  with damages amounting to $100 million annually. These scam callers attempt to obtain personal and private information, typically by offering fake financial services and loans, only to have you transfer large sums of money to pseudo accounts. What happens when a […]