[Swag Check] What to get before ‘Pokemon Go’ reaches Singapore?

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If you are still unsure of what ‘Pokemon Go’ is, please read “Have you been hit by the Pokémon Go wave?“. Rumor says that ‘Pokemon Go’ is coming to Asia really soon! Well, I’m really looking for it as most of us grew up with Pokemon. So what can we get to prepare ourselves for the ‘Pokemon Go’ wave?

The Pokemon Go Plus

This is the ultimate accessory you can get to make sure you’re at the height of your Pokemon-catching game. It is a small device that allows you enjoy ‘Pokemon Go’ while you’re on the move and not looking at your smartphone. This wearable device connects to smartphone via Bluetooth and notifies you about the events in the game.

The Pokemon Go Plus can be added to your daily accessory on your wrist. It is simple-looking and yet stylish. You are definitely on your way to become a great Pokemon trainer after having the Pokemon Go Plus!

Pokemon’s Pikachu X Outdoor backpack

While you’re on your way to become the best Pokemon trainer, you will definitely need a backpack by your side. Just like Ash Ketchum, he’s always having his backpack by his side when he travels around.The Pikachu X Outdoor backpack just released in June 2016. Pikachu are printed all over the backpack and it comes with two color, Yellow toned (Pikachu’s color) and Black toned.

Pokemon Graphix tees

While you’re training to be the best Pokemon trainer, you need to show everyone that you’re die-hard Pokemon fan! The batch of ‘Pokemon Graphix’ tees are hard to get as they are limited edition. It is only available from Pokemon Centre online.

Wear these limited edition of ‘Pokemon Graphix’ tees during this Summer while on your way to become the best Pokemon trainer like no one ever was! #gottacatchthemall

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Photos Credits: Pokemon Centre Online & Pokemon Go Plus

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