Plunge Into Special 7.7 Deals and Signed Artiste Merch Giveaways for WATERBOMB SINGAPORE 2024

Counting down to the most epic water-and-music festival coming to Singapore in August? Let us give you a sneak peek into the ultimate WATERBOMB experience! 💦 


Prepare for an adrenaline-pumping, splash-filled adventure with one of the signature highlights of WATERBOMB – the thrilling water fights! 

The performing artists and audience will be divided into two teams, ORANGE TEAM and BLUE TEAM 🧡💙 You get to pick your team colour upon entry, and prepare for an epic showdown between teams during WATERBOMB TIME!

WATERBOMB TIME are dedicated segments during the event, where attendees get to drench the opposing team while immersing themselves in the exhilarating action. Be sure to grab one of the sleek, unique water guns at the event and get ready for a water-fighting extravaganza!

Insta-worthy Photo Opportunities, Water-themed Activities and Attractive F&B Options

Look forward to the specially curated Experiential Beach Village that is bound to elevate your WATERBOMB experience! Gather your squad and capture unforgettable moments at our vibrant photo zone themed perfectly for WATERBOMB! The fun doesn’t stop there – immerse yourself in interactive water-themed games and indulge in a variety of attractive food and drink options.

Dive Into the Perfect 7.7 Deal

Want to engage in thrilling water battles armed with your very own water gun? 🔫  Purchase any 2 tickets (1-day pass or 2-day pass) on 7 July and get a complimentary WATERBOMB WATERCOOL SHOTGUN (worth $49)! Mark your calendars and snag this amazing deal before it’s gone.

12 Days of Spectacular Surprises

Get ready for an exclusive giveaway at WATERBOMB SINGAPORE 2024! From 30 June to 11 July, we’re giving away a total of more than 100 pieces of signed merchandise from your favourite artistes! Each day features a different artiste, and all you have to do is buy a ticket on the specific day to be in the running. 

Winners will score exclusive fan benefits, to be announced on 12 August via WATERBOMB SINGAPORE social media channels. 

These fantastic deals are only available for a limited time – don’t let them slip away! Grab your tickets now on KKday and enjoy an array of special perks including fan benefits, free drinks and complimentary post-show transport options.

Tickets are priced at $198 for a 1-day pass and $338 for a 2-day pass.

WATERBOMB SINGAPORE 2024 – South Korea’s Biggest Water Music Festival to Make Singapore Debut This August

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