[Trending Korea] Make way YOLO, here comes “Sohwakhaeng”

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Emergence of “Sohwakhaeng” (“small but certain happiness”) as a trend suggests that people are trying to find happiness in small things

“Sohwakhaeng” (소확행) has emerged as a trend in a country that never quite sleeps, much so than New York the title holder. Given the extremely fast pace of life, and work hours that seem to only get longer; it is not surprising for mindset changes. Singapore as a country does not seem too distant from such stress levels as well.

“Sohwakhaeng” (소확행) is a trend, which will give people “small but certain happiness”; and is what it translates to as well. In the Chinese society, I see it as the equivalent of 知足常乐 (being satisfied with what you have). The concept of “Sohwakhaeng” seems pretty simple, as people basically find or create enjoyment and satisfaction in their routine lives. However, it is often related to food in general; and the concept’s YOLO counterpart often relates to travel. 

From my point of view, YOLO invokes a little recklessness or mindlessness in action; while “Sohwakhaeng” is the milder and gentler cousin enjoying simple satisfaction in life. Most of us would love to follow trends, but the rise of such a trend (not saying it’s bad) in a developed country like South Korea; does seem like the view of the future from the people in their 20s-30s being rather bleak.

So much for the fast pace, time to slow down a little to check out what you are missing in life.


Article by: James @ KAvenyou

KAvenyou: Singapore to Korea – Music, Wanderlust, Foodie, Lifestyle.

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