TAEYEON marks the last stop of ‘The ODD of LOVE’ tour in Singapore with two sold-out shows

Last weekend, KIM TAEYEON (Soloist and Leader of Girls’ Generation) marked the end of ‘The ODD of LOVE’ concert tour with two sold-out shows here in Singapore.

Having debuted for more than 16 years, she has established herself as one of Korea’s most successful female soloists that is capable of charting multiple hit songs and selling out concerts in minutes!The seasoned veteran proved herself to be a vocal goddess by live-singing majority of the songs, only backed by a 6-piece live band (drums, percussion, bass, guitar, piano, keyboard).

The concert began with ‘INVU‘, her most recent hit song from 2022, which was also her first song to top the Billboard K-Pop 100 chart. She sang many other popular hits from the album of the same name (INVU, 2022) including ‘Siren’, ‘No Love Again’ and ‘Timeless’.

Despite being a solo act, she had the power to fill the stage and venue with her strong vocals and 6 dancers – to put up a spectacular 120-minute set, covering more than 20 songs including crowd favourites like ‘Weekend’, ‘What Do I Call You’, ‘Fine’ and ‘I’.

Seeing her on stage looking youthful and dancing to upbeat and lively songs, it is easy to forget that she is already thirty-four years old. Age is just a number hidden behind her beauty and charisma.

Throughout the concert, there were many moments where she let her vocals rule the show with just simple acoustic piano and guitar accompaniment. This left many fans in awe of not just her beauty, but also her ability to reach the high falsettos which are present in many of her hit songs.

The fans (also known as Sone) brought along hot pink light sticks and turned the indoor stadium into a sea of pink. There was also a banner/slogan project where everyone held up the banner at the same time with the message ‘Rain or shine, always with Taeyeon’ for Day 1.

During the speaking moments, she shared that it had been a really long time since she last visited Singapore back in 2019 for her previous concert tour at the Singapore Expo.

Singapore, being the last city of her tour, made it more meaningful than ever and she wants to give us the best performance since we have waited for so long. She also made special mentions to the Sones that have followed her from Korea to Singapore and all the other fans that have travelled specially to Singapore to watch her show.

She is very grateful for their presence and wants to fill her performance with so much love and give everyone a meaningful time.

There was also a special feature of ‘bananas’ during the concert as she spotted some fans wearing a banana outfit. She shared that she started eating bananas to gain stamina and energy during the concert and somehow it became a signature fruit for the concert. She also held a banana on stage and said that she would eat it later.

Finally, when it was nearing the last song, she made the fans promise to never forget her and to come back to her again!

Of course Taeyeon! We will always remember you when the Weekend comes~

Article by: Jiayu @ KAvenyou
Official Photos: CK Star Entertainment

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