[Sponsored Video] Is YOLO the right attitude?

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Credits: MCCY

23 March 2017, Singapore – The Asian culture is one built from within, and one that sprouts from inclusiveness; while being full of compassion. This is not forgetting the prudent approach in handling most things, which is also what makes Asians or for that matter Singapore so resilient in our nation building journey.

However, all these compassion and inclusiveness has been seemingly diluted over the years; and replaced by the more independent voices of YOLO and possibly self-centredness. People are more interested in their own lives and well-being rather than the cohesiveness from the “Kampong Spirit”. The “we” in us has been replaced by the “I”, which has always been hidden inside. This trend is apparent with the rise of social media, where you see countless videos filmed by aspiring directors of various occasions. Occasions that can include accidents, crimes, quarrels, and so many more.

One that struck me was of the recent accident at BKE where a van ran into multiple motorcyclists, and yet the first video you see if a superb production of the scene. The video pans the entire scene from the van to all the victims, and bodies lying on the floor bloodied and motionless. This makes you wonder, on where is the compassion where instead of helping the wounded; someone was actually more interested in filming the entire scene and circulating it via various social means or chats.

I do not have an answer to these concerns, and Singaporeans are the best at looking to the Government for a solution. Guess what? The Ministry of Culture, Community and Youth (MCCY) to the rescue, with this campaign to try and bring out the compassion and inclusiveness within you. A little care from each and everyone of us, can brighten up the day of people around you; and bring us a long way towards building a cohesive and confident nation.

Let’s check out the video campaign.

This post has been presented by MCCY but all thoughts and opinions are my own.

KAvenyou: Singapore to Korea – Music, Wanderlust, Foodie, Lifestyle.

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