Cube Entertainment’s Newest Boy Group NOWADAYS Debuts With Title Track ‘OoWee’

Cube Entertainment’s newest boy group, NOWADAYS has debuted with its first debut single ‘NOWADAYS’ on 2nd April 2024, which was released through various online music sites at 6PM KST.

Consisting of members HyeonbinYoonYeonwooJinhyuk and Siyun, this first single marks NOWADAYS’ first album in the music industry. The album is filled with tracks that are pleasing both visually and musically, showcasing a variety of concepts which are not confined to a mold.

The title track ‘OoWee’ cheerfully unfolds the group’s lovely charm. In addition, this album also includes B-side tracks ‘NOW’ and ‘TICKET’, where one will be able to feel NOWADAYS’ unique musical colour and distinct identity.


NOWADAYS is a 5-member boy group newly launched by Cube Entertainment for the first time in about 8 years. The group’s name contains a strong ambition to make the public and fans curious about ‘NOW’ and to provide special memories and recollections for the ‘DAYS’ that will be created together in the future.

In addition, through the logo motion that conveys the message that NOWADAYS will always show newness and flexibility, expectations are high for the group’s performance, whose limitless charm will continue the lineage of success as a new generation.

Through the performance video and track video in their promotions leading up to their official debut, the members left a lasting impression with their perfect group dance, which is done in a refreshing yet unique tone.

Members Jinhyuk and Siyun also participated in writing of the lyrics for ‘OoWee’ and ‘TICKET’, proving their qualifications as singer-songwriters. At the center of attention even before their debut and heralded as the 5th generation monster rookies, the members of NOWADAYS are ready to show off their complete capabilities through their first single ‘NOWADAYS’.


NOWADAYS has launched its own genre called DAYS-POP. Through music that naturally permeates daily life, the group plans to communicate with listeners around the world through ‘music’ by building its own identity that will accompany them every day.

In particular, DAYS-POP is already causing intense addiction through the pre-released tracks ‘NOW’ and ‘TICKET’. Each song provides a different atmosphere, and attention is drawn to the much-anticipated title song ‘OoWee’.

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