Kyuhyun Successfully Concludes First Solo “High Grade Ballad” Concert In Singapore

Kicking off the first stop of his 2024 Asia Tour ‘Restart’ outside of Seoul, in Singapore, on the evening of March 30th, Kyuhyun emerged on stage in a prince-like white outfit for the first song, ‘Restart’ off his latest album of the same title, followed by ‘Dreaming’.

“Ho seh bo?”, meaning ‘how are you?’ in dialect were the first words uttered by Kyuhyun as he greeted the audience, before asking in Korean if everyone has been doing well during this period of time (while waiting for him). Citing his worries on holding his first solo concert right here in Singapore, those thoughts and concerns were immediately gone upon seeing his fans here. Kyuhyun revealed that besides Singapore KYUpiter, he knew that there were fans from other countries present as well, from the letters and DMs sent by them.

Asking his fans not to be shy, Kyuhyun requested for them to sing along loudly with him, as he continued with ‘A Million Pieces’ and ‘Slow, Slowly’–the latter which to him, was the hardest song to perform out of the evening’s setlist.

Sitting on the bar stool to perform acoustic renditions of ‘Was It Love’ and ‘Aewol-ri’, Kyuhyun’s powerful but healing vocals, accompanied by the live band’s melodious instrumentals, demonstrated the Super Junior lead vocalist’s vocal prowess. Kyuhyun also did not forget to credit his live band members for rearranging those songs for the concert tour.

Fans were treated to Kyuhyun’s first live performance of his cover of Eric Chou’s ‘How Have You Been? (你,好不好?)’, which was also recently uploaded on his YouTube channel.

“When I was looking at the lyrics, it was so pretty and I’m wondering if you all are well and how have you been, so I have prepared this song.”

Originally featuring Super Junior-K.R.Y. for ‘Thanks To You’–but for the night, it was featuring his fans, with romanized lyrics flashed onscreen for them to follow along.

The screens then flashed Kyuhyun’s previous musical works, such as “Catch Me If You Can”, “Robin Hood”, “Mozart”, “Phantom” and “Ben Hur”. Knowing that international fans travel all the way to Korea to watch his musicals, it gives him a boost of confidence. From his musicals, ‘Destiny’ from “Ben Hur” was voted as first place, and Kyuhyun thinks this result is attributed to the fact that he took off his clothes while performing this number during the musical, and fans want to see him do that as well, but in Kyuhyun’s words, “this concert is a ballad concert, very, very high grade concert” and that the fans should sit down and enjoy the stages. And boy, did Kyuhyun blow the audience away with his powerful voice for ‘Destiny’.

Following a VCR, Kyuhyun surprised everyone by appearing amongst the audience for ‘Confession Is Not Flashy’, going one round across the entire venue to get upclose with KYUpiter and giving them high fives, continuing with ‘Time With You’ before returning back up on stage. It was a really thoughtful gesture of Kyuhyun to have requested for chairs for him to stand on, so that he could give a better view to the fans at the back, and in turn also be able to see them more clearly.

Throughout the show, Kyuhyun called his concert a ballad concert, but he had prepared some songs that will hype up the fans more for his “high grade concert”, starting with cute dance moves for ‘Flying, Deep In The Night’, then proceeding to get everyone to shake it for ‘Together’.

The atmosphere heated up as Kyuhyun performed a Super Junior medley consisting of ‘Devil’, ‘Black Suit’ and ‘Sorry, Sorry’, followed by a dance cover of Yoasobi’s ‘Idol’.

Kyuhyun was surprised that the fans sang along with him for ‘At Gwanghwamun’, even without any lyrics being flashed on the screens and thanked them for singing a Korean song along with him despite it not being their first language.

For ‘Daystar’ and ‘Moving On’, Kyuhyun asked fans if the lyrics helped to get them immersed in the moment, as lyrics play an important role for ballads, joking that “whenever I sing these songs, I feel like my lifespan is getting shorter and shorter, unlike ‘Sorry, Sorry’ where I don’t feel anything when I sing; but I just love these kind of songs”, before adding “don’t worry about me, I will live long enough, I’m the youngest!”

“I will live as long as possible and sing for you guys, so take care of your health and live as long as possible too!”

As it was the first time that ‘The Story Behind’ was performed in Singapore, Kyuhyun proclaimed that “today is such a historical moment and everyone is living evidence of that history”. Despite it being the first performance here, KYUpiter did a great job for the fanchants of the song.

For the encore stage of ‘Restart’, fans held up banners with the message “WE WILL BE WITH 규 (KYU)” for the fan project, and Kyuhyun thanked everyone for the encore.

“Thanks to today’s concert, I have an idea that maybe in the future, I can come back again to meet my Singapore fans! Because I know this is a ballad concert, I know you might hesitate a bit, but tell your friends and everyone around you that it’s not boring at all and it’s an exciting concert! I honestly feel that I did not give you that much back, but you guys give me so much.”

– Kyuhyun, before showing the heart drawn on his cheek to show his love for his fans

Before the concert came to a conclusion with the last song ‘Rainbow’, Kyuhyun promised that next time, he would return with the Super Junior members and also expressed hopes to do another exciting ballad concert in Singapore.

Article: Zhen Zhen @ KAvenyou
Official Photography: CK Star Entertainment

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