MTG releases SIXPAD, Ronaldo-inspired training gear


AIBI is known as the trendsetter in fitness. On 10th July 2015, a new Body Revolutionary product called the SIXPAD hit the market after it was launch in Japan by MTG.

Inspired by global football icon, Cristiano Ronaldo, the Training Gear SIXPAD aims to deliver a toned abdominal without heavy training using CMM pulses that can be used any time and worn under your clothes.

Professor Toshio Moritani, a driving force in the field of sports science, developed the 84g device, which uses the Electrical Muscle Stimulation (EMS) technology, an efficient means of training brought about by sports science research efforts together with MTG, a beauty device production company.

Professor Moritani, a world-recognized authority on EMS research, developed the Training Gear SIXPAD, which uses electrical signals to directly stimulate and exercise the muscles.


“I am very happy and honoured to be here to present the SIXPAD. It’s a fantastic product which I believe will give anyone, regardless of their age, better abs,” Ronaldo, the official ambassador of the product, said at the launch event.

“MTG has a range of products and after using the Training Gear SIXPAD, I would use the ReFa Active products to help my muscles relax. So these are fantastic products.”

For over 30 years, Professor Moritani’s research has focused on the effects of EMS training on muscles. Through repeated verification tests, he has also determined that the effective frequency for training is 20Hz, which he incorporated, in the SIXPAD training program.

President of MTG, Mr Tsuyoshi Matsushita, revealed that the design of the product was inspired by Ronaldo’s own lifestyle when he visited him in Madrid last year.

“I first presented Ronaldo with designs of the product in Madrid and we discussed it for four to five hours,” said Mr Matsushita.

“He is also part of the design: In his home, I lifted his shirt and measured the size of each of his abs, and the colours – black and orange – matched those of his sunglasses on the table where we had the discussion.”

The Ronaldo’s endorsed series include the Refa Active & Facial Fitness pao which have sold over one million units.


MTG expects to sell three million units of the Training Gear SIXPAD, and also revealed that they will release more products being an innovative company.

Miss Pauline Kwek, Marketing Director for AIBI International, enthused, “We are extremely happy to be the sole distributor of the Training Gear SIXPAD. It is an amazing product and is inline with our brand of bringing you the best brands in health, beauty and fitness.”

“We have tested the products ourselves and are convinced by the results. We are certain that it will be a hit,” affirmed Miss Kwek.

AIBI International is the sole distributor of MTG’s Athletics beauty series endorsed by Cristiano Ronaldo in Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia. During this product launch special, the Training Gear SIXPAD Abs Fit is available for $299, while a separate version SIXPAD Body Fit focusing on the waist, arms and legs sells for $229 and is available at all AIBI stores island-wide.

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