“MAHAKARYA RCTI 25”: a Mega Celebration With Super Junior M, JKT48, Agnez Mo and More

01. SUJU M - Title Header

Jakarta – August, 2014. RCTI as a leading terrestrial television channel in Indonesia celebrated its 25th anniversary with a mega concert titled “MAHAKARYA RCTI 25”. A five-hours celebration that was held in Gelora Bung Karno Main Stadium last Saturday was also broadcasted live nationwide at the same time. Not only Indonesia’s leading artists and entertainers that were taken part in the concert, SUPER JUNIOR M was also listed as main performer that night.

02. Agnez Mo - Coke Bottle

Indonesian own, Agnez Mo, started the night high with her first English single ‘Coke Bottle’, which got a lot of buzz and attention in the US. The hype continued as national idol group, JKT48, performed three of their songs with different team in each song. A collaborative stage between UNGU with Ayu Ting Ting and Husein kept the stage hot. Not wanting to lose the spotlight, KOTAK came up next with a shocking entrance with Tantri, the vocalist, arrived on stage with sling parachute from the stadium’s roof. Ayu Ting Ting made another collaborative stage performance with Indonesian Idol Season 8’s winner, Nowela, before the hosts of the concert finally showed themselves. Raffi Ahmad, Daniel Mananta, Pica Priscilla, Dian Mirza and Robby Purba, the five hosts of the concert greeted the audience then introduced the night’s highlight, SUPER JUNIOR M.

03. JKT48 - Three Teams 04. KOTAK - Sling Parachute

With two songs in a row, ‘Break Down’ and ‘Go’, SUPER JUNIOR M made the stadium dominated in pearl sapphire blue lights. The absence of Siwon didn’t their Ever Lasting Friend’s cheers and chants for Eunhyuk, Sungmin, Donghae, Ryeowook, Kyuhyun, Zhou Mi and Henry less loud. After short greetings and chit chats, they continued with ‘After A Minute’ before a short break.

05. SUJU M - Close Up

Eunhyuk and Donghae re-entered the stage with the upbeat ‘Oppa Oppa’ that set the stadium on fire. In the middle of the song, the other members of SUPER JUNIOR M re-entered and joined the stage. The atmosphere was up to the roof as they came with ‘A Oh’. Before introduced their last song for the night, all the members sent their gratitude toward their fans in Indonesia. They concluded their performance for “MAHAKARYA RCTI 25” with ‘Swing’.

06. SUJU M - Good Byes

The mega concert didn’t stop despite SUPER JUNIOR M had left the stage. Indonesian phenomenal band, NOAH, performed four songs in a row. The celebration continued with other performances by REPVBLIK, UNGU, Ayu Ting Ting, KOTAK, Agnez Mo, JKT48 and Ahmad Dhani with Al Ghazali and Lucky Laki. After three songs from MAHADEWA, the hosts opened the road to the grand finale of the mega concert with the introduction of RCTI newest variety program, ‘Rising Star’.

07. NOAH - 100 Choir

08. Ahmad Dhani

With ‘Things Will Get Better’, Agnez Mo performed her third song for the night. MAHADEWA re-entered the stage with a medley of ‘Pupus’ and ‘Kirana’ with Al Ghazali as featured singer. Nowela and DJ Embud came up next and brought the crowd to dance to the beat of ‘Don’t Stop The Music’. JKT48 also made another performance with four songs medley of ‘Gingham Check’, ‘Baby Baby’, ‘Flying Get’ and their special birthday song, ‘Namida Surprise’. As the grand finale that stroke at midnight, all the artists gathered up on the stage together with Pitbull’s song, ‘Feel This Moment’. During the song, festivals of fireworks filled Gelora Bung Karno Main Stadium’s sky until the concert is finally over.

09. Al Ghazali

Including KOTAK’s sling parachute stunt, there were many amazing things that happened on “MAHAKARYA RCTI 25”. NOAH opened their performance with a hundred people of choir, REPVBLIK brought twenty five street musicians to perform on the stage together, and Ayu Ting Ting made a collaborative stage with a late Indonesian artist, Benyamin Sueb, through visual technology. JKT48 also made a quite buzz with all of their seventy one members performed in one stage. Stay tune with KAvenyou as more of captured moments of “MAHAKARYA RCTI 25” will be available in our facebook page later this week.

10. JKT48

Happy 25th anniversary, RCTI!! Can we expect more of amazing things happen in the future?

11. All Artists - Finale

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