SISTAR, A Pink, Soomin and JKT48 Rocked Jakarta with “SHINZU’I White Concert”

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D22. SISTARJakarta – August 8, 2014. It was only 3pm in Jakarta local time, but Istora Senayan was already packed with people. Way before the main event begun, the outdoor stage was already on fire with cover dancers and cosplayers performance.

PC. A PinkAround 5pm, KAvenyou fulfilled the press conference invitation. There, SHINZU’I presented and introduced the main line-up of “SHINZU’I White Concert. SISTAR, A Pink, Soomin and JKT48 were taken part in the press conference. There was no Jung Eun-Ji in A Pink seat because of the conflicted schedule, while there were only Haruka, Nabilah and Shania whom represented JKT48. In this chance, SHINZU’I also revealed a plan to do the concert annually with more artists from all around Asia.

Then it came 7pm, the concert venue was already packed with people. Not long after that, EDM sound filled the atmosphere while Crispi Crunch warmed up the stage with their skilled rapping. Crispi Crunch successfully set the stage on fire. Soomin joined the stage in the middle of Crispi Crunch’s performance, the audiences’ cheers were louder than before. Five songs were sung energetically during their performance.

A04. Crispi Crunch & SoominThe atmosphere was hot, and then A Pink came on to the stage and made it up to the roof. With ‘Mr. Chu’ and ‘Lovely Day’, they successfully won audiences’ heart. Before the third song began, a personal message video from Jung Eun-Ji displayed on the big screen. Eun-Ji apologized to the fans for not being able to attend the concert because of conflicted schedule. She also wished for all the fans to keep loving and supporting A Pink. Bo-Mi, Cho-Rong, Na-Eun, Nam-Joo and Ha-Young continued their performance with ‘Sunday Monday’, ‘U You’ and ‘My My’. Before they performed their last song, Na-Eun took the initiative to introduce the song, and their fans replied it enthusiastically. A Pink closed their first live performance in Indonesia cheerfully with ‘NoNoNo’.

B03. A PinkAfter A Pink left the stage, JKT48’s overture was played. JKT48 fans’ chants could be heard from all corners of the concert venue. JKT48, as the only domestic performer, opened their stage with their latest single, ‘Gingham Check’, which was continued by ‘Manatsu no Sounds Good’. After their brief introduction, they continued their live stage performance with ‘First Rabbit’ and ‘Gomen ne Summer’. With 16 members on the stage, their performance was quite an attraction. With ‘Koisuru Fortune Cookie’ as their last song, they made the audiences dance together with them.

C06. JKT48As the concert finale, finally SISTAR appeared on the stage with their latest single, ‘Touch My Body’. SISTAR wore the outfits that matched the concept of the song. ‘Give It To Me’ were performed before they said their hello to their fans. This was the second performance of SISTAR in Indonesia after Music Bank in Jakarta last year. They also sent out their wish to come to Indonesia again if they were given the chance to do a world tour. Bora, Hyorin, Soyou and Dasom continued with ‘Alone’ and SISTAR19’s debut song, ‘Ma Boy’. And then, with ‘Loving You’ and a classic ‘So Cool’, SISTAR said another goodbye to their fans in Indonesia.


Just when we thought the concert was over, all the performers came once again onto the stage to send out their gratefulness to all the people that attend the concert. That night, “SHINZU’I White Concert” was held successfully. Can’t hardly wait for what will SHINZU’I present next time, can we?

Captured moments on “SHINZU’I White Concert” can be found in our facebook page, just click here.

Photos & Article : Fadil@KAvenyou

KAvenyou: Singapore to Korea – Music, Wanderlust, Foodie, Lifestyle.

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