Lee Je Hoon Shares His Fondness of Singapore and Filming for Taxi Driver at Singapore Press Conference

SINGAPORE – Resorts World Sentosa Convention Centre

Donned in black from head to toe, Taxi Driver 2 actor Lee Je Hoon graced his presence with us at the closed door press conference for his fanmeet – VACATION.

He made his entrance in a cheeky manner showing his personality, which is a total 180 degree difference from his character Kim Do Ki in Taxi Driver 2.

It has been a while since Lee Je Hoon came to Singapore officially, but he shared that he had actually visited Singapore a few times for personal trips as Singapore was one of the earlier countries that lifted travel restrictions during the Covid period. He candidly shared that he has visited Singapore last year as well as this year and that he probably knows places in Singapore pretty well.

When asked by the emcee if he knew where Chinatown was, he confidently replied yes. But when asked about where Joo Chiat is, Lee Je Hoon didn’t know where that place was and mentioned that there are still so many places for him to explore in Singapore.

TMI: Lee Je Hoon loves Singapore but this is his first time visiting Sentosa as whenever he visits Singapore, he is always visiting places on foot. But Sentosa is a tad bit of distance to walk in from the rest of the Island. He came into Sentosa for the press conference via car and was very excited to be visiting Sentosa.

On acting as Wang Tao Zi and facing Madam Lim again…

Lee Je Hoon was grateful to be given the chance to portray the character Wang Tao Zi again. It took him a lot of time to think of how to bring out the unrequited love between Wang Tao Zi and Madam Lim and thus he decided to go for the flamboyant outfit that we can see in the drama.

On the contrary to Wang Tao Zi, when visiting Singapore, Lee Je Hoon said that he would be wearing a shirt, shorts as well as flip-flops.

On having fun memories when filming together with the Rainbow Transport team…

In Season 1, Kim Do Ki is mostly working alone, solving projects tasked to him alone hence Lee Je Hoon felt pretty lonely while filming his scenes for Season 1. But for Season 2, we can see more of him having meetings with his Rainbow Transport team together. Whilst filming scenes like this, Lee Je Hoon had to maintain composure to stay in character as the cool and cold Kim Do Ki when in actual fact he’s having so much fun together with the rest of the crew.

On living as 1 character for the rest of his life, who would he choose…

Lee Je Hoon chose Wang Tao Zi as he hopes that if there’s a spin off, he would like to continue the unrequited love story between Wang Tao Zi and Madam Lim.

KAvenyou would like to thank Viu for the media invitation to attend Lee Je Hoon Vacation Fanmeet and Press Conference in Singapore.

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