Jackson Wang Blew Everyone’s Minds At First Singapore Solo Concert

Global sensation Jackson Wang took to Singapore Indoor Stadium to perform his first ever solo concert – MAGIC MAN WORLD TOUR” in Singapore on the evening of December 23rd.

Audiences were treated to spectacular performances of his hit songs ‘100 Ways’, ‘Drive You Home’, ‘Blue’, ‘LMLY’, ‘Cruel’ and ‘Blow’. The impeccable stage design and effects – including conveyor belts, an elevated platform which converted into a giant guitar and high altitude stairs at different segments also blew our minds – our team has covered a couple of concerts this year and Jackson’s show definitely takes the cake of having the best stage production this year.

Jackson Wang Singapore 1

Two lucky fans also had a very memorable night as they were chosen to go on stage by Jackson himself for ‘I You Love 3000’ and ‘Dead’ respectively, much to the envy of other fans at the venue.

Jackson’s heartfelt message for the audience to take home was also imprinted deeply in everyone’s minds. Here is the truncated version:

I want to let everybody know here, that it’s never too late, I want you guys to enjoy, because we only fucking live once. We never know what is happening tomorrow. At least, if I had this opportunity, for real, I wanna let everybody know – do what you love, go for what you love in life, ’cause everyone’s standard is different.

I want you to understand yourself, go for what you love, fuck it, just go for it. I really want that from my audience. Go for what you love and when you go for what you love, of course, you’ll have to have the skillset; you have the people, the right team; you need to have a good positive environment. And the second thing is never rely on anyone else to do your job, to fulfil your dream, ’cause they got to have your dream.

I might not have opportunities to talk about this, maybe a few years later, I don’t know, but if right now, this exact moment I have the chance to talk about it, so I wanna make sure that when I have this opportunity, I wanna let you guys know, go for it.

This is what I mean by find your magic – everyone’s magic is different; find your own magic ’cause everyone’s stories is different. Your own individual story, you’re the main character, that’s your own story, not anyone else’s. I don’t give a shit about your story, it belongs to you. So I want you to focus on your own. I want you to find your own happiness, freedom, find your standard.

That’s all I want as an entertainer, that’s it.

– Jackson Wang

Jackson Wang Singapore 2

During the encore, Jackson also had yet another surprise waiting for his fans as he personally invited fans to join him on stage for the finale, even taking lengths to climb up to the second level to pick some lucky fans.

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