Jackson, touring to show the man behind the magician

Jackson wang is currently meeting fans with his “Magic Man World Tour”. KAvenyou caught him in Paris on January, 15th.

K-Pop idols train from a young age and often are expected to fit a certain image. Not exactly a role, but an exaggeration of their personnality, a trait that they’ll show steadily.

Jackson Wang is no exception. As a GOT7 member, he quicky became the funny and slightly quirky one, dedicated to variety shows. But in 2017, he debuted his solo career and released Papillon under the management of Team Wang. For the artist, it was the start of his search for his own genre. Fast-forward to 2022 and the release of his album Magic Man. Jackson is now ready to wow the World with a full-scale show.

To open the night, Jackson tours with Laurie, a French-Chinese artist from Team Wang who appears in a sexy outfit to deliver a mix of hip-hop and pop.

After her performance, Jackson entered the stage with an elevator and the track 100 Ways. Fireworks, backdancers…: the audience quickly understands that Jackson Wang isn’t here to play. The Magic Man World Tour is a show with a grand production. From the first song, we enter Jackson’s own universe.

After Go Ghost, Jackson then performs Blackout. As the dancers leave Jackson alone, the performance turns more solemn. With songs such as Just Like Magic or Poison, the artist efficiently relies on his music to openly talk about his hardhips.

His VCRs talk about the fast pace at which he lived his life. Never taking time to know himself, having to face negativity, he also never thought about what happiness meant to him or how to achieve it. However, it all implies that he’s now taking time to think about all of it and makes sure to keep a positive stance. To his fans, he says : “You guys are your own main characters of your own story too. […] Never rely on anybody but yourself cause it’s your life.”

While this introspection is the central thread of his show, several songs make for either a livelier or a sexier moment.

Especially with LMLY and Vibes, the choreography and set up sends the audience in a cabaret. These songs show yet an other side if Jackson and are amond the most visually-pleasing performances of the show.

Several times, Jackson invites fans on stage, like he did on I Love You 3000 or The Moment. Both fans seemingly keeping their cool, playing along whith Jackson’s flirtatious side.

Jackson is a master at interacting with his fans. With the song All The Way, while fans think his back in his elevator dancing, he actually left the stage and re-appears in the middle of the sitting area. When he spots fans with roses he makes sure to grab the bouquet. He asks fans to jump along with him or to sing along.

The way Jackson balances very different ingredients is actually impressive. The concert not only displays his growth and thoughts but also is a party and a true show.

Not forgetting his past (a VCR includes images from GOT7), he proves that he’s now way beyond his image of the funny entertainer. We look forward to his future activites as Jackson Wang, the Magic Man.

We’d like to thank AEG Presents for having us at the concert.

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