[INTERVIEW] NanQuanMaMa releases new album “All New Attack” after 6 years hiatus (+ album preorder information)


Taiwan – Nan Quan Ma Ma (南拳妈妈) is making a comeback on 9th May 2016 with an album titled “All New Attack (拳新出擊)”. After a 6 years hiatus, the group will now promote with its 4th Generation members consisting Devon Song (since 2004, leader), Sing Hom, Vera Yen and Jaffri Cao. The title track “东山再起” was written by King of Mandopop Jay Chou four years ago during the disbandment crisis, in hopes to encourage the leader Devon Song to bring NQMM back again.



Earlier in the year, Sing Hom (洪言翔) and Jaffri Cao (曹景豪) made a trip to meet their fans in Singapore and Malaysia. Private fanmeetings were held in both countries with an addition of a mini-showcase in Malaysia. Check out some of the KAvenyou-exclusive footages from their showcase below!

  1. 第四代新南拳妈妈:洪言翔 & 曹景豪 – 《牡丹江》
  2. 第四代新南拳妈妈 洪言翔 – 《等一个人》 (等一个人咖啡 主题曲, 原唱: 林芯儀)
  3. 第四代新南拳妈妈 洪言翔 – 《小幸运》 (我的少女时代主题曲, 原唱: 田馥甄)
  4. 第四代新南拳妈妈 曹景豪 – 《害怕》 (原唱: 林俊杰)
  5. 第四代新南拳妈妈 曹景豪 – 《天天》(原唱:陶喆)




Sing Hom (洪言翔)

“It is important to get to know the members well since we are now advancing as a group and not solo like before”, said the 27 year-old singer and actor. During their initial meeting, Sing finds Jaffri someone who is cold and unapproachable. Later to realize that Jaffri is, in fact, a very warm-hearted and passionate person. When asked how different does being in a group felt as compared to being solo, Sing expressed that he used to feel lonely being on the stage by himself and being with his group members gave him strength and confidence.

As the third child in the family, Sing has an elder brother and two sisters.  Sing kickstarted his acting career as early as 2012 with minor appearances in drama series and started gaining popularity through the Taiwanese movie “Cafe.Waiting.Love (等一個人咖啡)” in 2014. However, it was the romance-comedy drama “Love Cuisine (料理高校生)” which literally lit up his career on full speed. Not only did the fans-count increased rapidly, he also learned a handful of culinary tips and experienced going for promotional events in school uniform after graduating for some years.

The journey to stardom was never easy. How did Sing manage to overcome the obstacles and challenges along the way? “I held on for my dreams. If I were to give up now, all the efforts from the years and years of hard work would have gone down to drain”, he said. The young actor is determined to fight for his dreams till the last bit of energy has been used up. Being a newbie, there’s definitely a lot more to learn from especially in handling negative comments from the netizens. He read  harsh and mean comments about how he wasn’t good-looking enough for his role in ‘Love Cuisine’ and criticisms on his acting skills. Undoubtedly, those negativity hit him hard initially. However, he gradually shifted his focus onto his weaknesses and work on improving them.

5 years is enough to change him, Sing exclaimed. He was a young teen being all curious about the world 5 years ago, Sing strives to become someone that people will know in the Chinese entertainment industry 5 years later. Well, Sing actually made a wish during his first fanmeeting in Singapore back in 2015 to have a chance to act as a student. It came true with his role in ‘Love Cuisine’ as a student named Ma Chong Sheng. After the album release, Sing hopes to continue his pursuit in the acting scene and perhaps hosting as well.

Sing Hom’s first interview with KAvenyou (2015) – https://youtu.be/bbWR5xn0vkE




Jaffri Cao (曹景豪)

Without any music background, Jaffri was a music instructor at a music store and had a self-composed band before joining NQMM. During his university days, he spent all his time on studies in the first year and started working at the music store in the second year where he started learning guitar. Jaffri joined the school’s music club (热音社) and started basking on the streets in his third year and formed a band during the final year consisting of an American and a Mexican.

As the middle child with an elder brother and a younger sister who already have stable careers, his family was rather worried for him on his decision to pursue music as a career with the traditional mindset that music careers wouldn’t last. He is, however, thankful to meet people who have helped and encouraged him, including friends who’ve supported him back in the street basking days.  One simple wish of his was to have music in his life. 5 years ago, Jaffri didn’t expect himself to venture into the music industry until he met his current manager cum producer, who later signed him to the company. 5 years later, he hopes to be a singer who is recognized by nothing by his true self and his voice. Talent itself isn’t enough to survive and shine in the entertainment industry, it does take a handful of luck as well.

“Negative comments from netizens did not really affect me too much nor caused extreme pressure because I know where I stand,” Jaffri said. What he meant by ‘knowing where he stood’ referred to his current level of singing skills required plenty of room for improvement. Putting his time into improving for the better instead of feeling pressurized from the criticism, he thank his manager for setting him on the right track from the beginning. Described as someone straightforward and blunt, his manager never sugarcoats his words and constantly pushed him beyond his limits – pointing out that being good is never good enough.

Jaffri participated in numerous singing competitions prior joining NQMM but there wasn’t much that he gained from these competitions. “It’s a matter or winning or losing, nobody comments on how I could improve on my singing”, Jaffri said. He jokingly told us that he participated in The Voice of China because he had the most free-time while the other members were busy in acting drama and movies.



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Article and Photography by Xuan Lin @ KAvenyou. 
Special thanks to Jacky for the interview arrangements. 

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