Uncover Mysteries of an Abandoned Apartment with Korean Horror Movie “Ghost Mansion”

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Featuring a solid cast lineup that includes Sung Joon, Kim Bo-ra, Kim Hong-pa, Kim Jae-hwa, Park So-jin (Girl’s Day) and Seo Hyun-woo, “Ghost Mansion” is a Korean horror movie featuring 5 episodes of strange rumours happening in an abandoned apartment called Gwang-lim Mansion. The noteworthy part about this movie is that it presents a chilling realistic horror with stories of apartments based on everyday life that can be experienced by anyone today, making it even more scary after watching it.

Popular beauty creator Risabae also participated in the special makeup of a movie for the first time for “Ghost Mansion”, in the fourth episode of the movie. Director Jo Ba-reun commented, “I exchanged images of mold every week with Risabae, who was in charge of makeup for the young mold man. She has a lot of experience, so she sent me a lot of good reference images. We were able to complete the character well thanks to her,” raising expectations. The real and vivid moldy young man’s makeup completed by Risabae can be witnessed in the fourth chapter of the film.


Ji-woo, a webtoon artist, goes to a run-down apartment complex called Gwang-lim Mansion for ideas on his next horror series. There, he meets a mysterious-faced middle-aged caretaker who tells stories of strange things that have happened in the apartment complex. Unit 504, 708…

The more Ji-woo hears the stories of what happened at the apartments, the more obsessed he gets with Gwang-lim Mansion.


Chapter 1 Room 504: The Writer
“I hear strange noises coming from below.”
An author, who wants to write the perfect novel, moves into a unit at Gwang-lim Mansion to focus on his work. One day, he complains to the building’s caretaker of noisy children living downstairs, but is told that no one lives there. Later, he returns and finds old children’s shoes in his unit…

Chapter 2 Room 907: The Pharmacist
“My boyfriend is taking a shower, but he’s also right outside my door.”

Sun-hwa, who works at a pharmacy, is dating a married man named Ho-jun. One day, after many nights of unpleasant dreams, her boyfriend visits Sun-hwa’s house, saying he had left his wife. Later, her boyfriend repeatedly tells her not to tell anyone that he is in the shower… Just then, she hears her boyfriend calling and knocking outside the front door.

Chapter 3 Room 708: The Realtor
“I hear voices down the drain.”

He is a realtor who shows houses only for the sake of raising sales rather than introducing good homes to his clients. Living alone, he calls a repairman to unclog his kitchen sink, one day, and learns it is clogged by lumps of long hair. From then on, he hears strange sounds coming from the drain.

Chapter 4 Room 604: The Student
“The mold in the house is growing.”

After studying abroad for a long time, Tae-hoon returns home to Korea. He comes to stay for a while with Jae-seok, a childhood friend. One day, Tae-hoon opens a suspiciously closed door at his friend’s house full of mold…

The Final Chapter Room 1504: The Caretaker
“I’m on the elevator alone, but I feel like there’s someone here.”

Ji-woo, the webtoon artist, receives the key to Room 1504 from the caretaker. He gets on the elevator to find out what happened in Gwang-lim Mansion himself. However, an unidentified deliveryman boards the elevator and later chases him. Ji-woo eventually arrives at Room 1504, where he finds the recorder with the caretaker’s voice recorded, and a suspicious looking closet.

Korean horror movie “Ghost Mansion” airs in Singapore cinemas on 15 July 2021.

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