[COVERAGE] Cross Gene Captures Hearts at Fanmeeting

IMG_3667 copyCross Gene arrived on our sunny islands for the second time for their fanmeeting Parallel World 2016.

Prior to the actual fan meeting, KAvenyou sat down with Cross Gene for an interview and were incredibly impressed with how easy-going and humorous the boys of Cross Gene were! Stay tuned to this space on KAvenyou for the video coming up soon!

Set in a cosy environment at Millian Singapore with a crowd of close to 150 fans, the concept of Cross Gene’s fanmeeting was students in Cross Gene School, where they will answer different questions from various subjects to earn a ticket back to Universal Studious Singapore!

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Starting with History, Cross Gene was made to answer questions on their first visit to Singapore. The mischievous bunch tried to cheat by asking fans for the answers, with Shin giving up entirely and only writing “BANANA” for one of the answers!

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Next up was English, where the boys answered questions written by fans before the fanmeeting. Trying their very best to answer and read the questions in English without the help of a translator, it was heartwarming and hilarious to see the Cross Gene try to make out what the fans wrote! At one point after figuring out where the fan who wrote his question sat, Casper turned to her and declared that she will be in his heart 20 years down the road, how cute!

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Cross Gene continues with subjects such as Physical Education, where they played Charades with the fans. Sangmin stood out as the best actor when he won the game and eventually the ticket to Universal Studious!

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The final game they played required Cross Gene to gather items the fans of brought based on the items they received from a lucky draw. Fans have been given clues before the fanmeet to bring items the boys may potentially need and many of them were attentive enough to the tweets to bring them! Lucky fans whose items were chosen got an autograph on the item that they brought from each of the boys who needed them! Poor Takuya and Seyoung couldn’t find their items on time and had to do a forfeit dressed up as school girls and even dance to “Cheer Up!” by TWICE!

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Before moving on to the next class, Cross Gene celebrated Sangmin’s birthday in advanced and the crowd joyfully sang a beautiful birthday song for him!

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Cross Gene finally ended “school” with music classes, where they changed up into their suave stage outfits and performed a series of their hit songs before ending up their fanmeeting with a hi-touch and photo event with fans! 

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Set list for Cross Gene Parallel World fanmeeting:

  1. Holiday
  2. Hey You, Noona (Noona No Marya)
  3. MY FACE
  5. Amazing – Bad Lady-
  6. KKI (World Premiere Performance)
  7. Play With Me (Na Ha Go Nolja)
  8. I’ll be fine

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For more photos of Cross Gene Parallel World LIVE in Singapore 2016, click here

KAvenyou would like to thank Amuse Asia for the media passes to Cross Gene’s fanmeeting live in Singapore!

Article by: Beatrice @ KAvenyou

Photography by: Beatrice and Yanglin @ Kavenyou

KAvenyou: Singapore to Korea – Music, Wanderlust, Foodie, Lifestyle.

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