[COVERAGE] SODAGREEN stops in Singapore for 10th Anniversary Concert


30th August 2014SODAGREEN (苏打绿) ‘s 10th Anniverysary AIR World Tour ended successfully at the Singapore Indoor Stadium with a consistent sea of green lighting up the entire stadium. The fans and audiences actively participated in waving the Sodagreen lightstick throughout the concert regardless if it was a fast or slow song, creating an astonishing and breathtaking sea of green. A total of 26 songs were performed excluding 5 fan-picked encore songs.


Distinguishing SODAGREEN from the other artistes would be Qing Feng’s (lead singer) ability to keep the talking session going on with laughter while most of the members would often lead to  awkward silences (冷场) if they were to speak. Well, apart from laughing at the audiences for laughing at his cold jokes, Qing Feng would also laugh at his own jokes too and had difficulties containing his laughter to the extent to missing the first few sentences of the song after the talking session.

IMG_2867According to their weibo update, Drummer Xiao Wei had a leg injury prior to the Singapore concert and Qing Feng gladly shared the entire process of the incident. The 35 year-old drummer, Xiao Wei, wanted to fulfill one of his dreams to try the skateboard and ended up falling from it. Being mocked by the members asking if he wanted to join them to a dance and Xiao Wei politely refused and responded that he would show them the real meaning of dancing once he has completely recovered. Being the mood-maker of the group, Qing Feng asked one of the members if he would fulfill a skateboarding dream at the age of 35, the member answered that he wouldn’t even fall down, causing a fairly long while of laughter as the expected answer was a no.


One of the highlights would be Qing Feng’s solo stage while hanging in the mid-air with a piano. Another would be the break-taking visual effects throughout the concert together with the generous amount of lasers, fireworks and confetti, giving surprises at every possible moment.

After releasing the news of stopping in Singapore for their 10th Anniversary Tour, Sodagreen received questions from many of their doubting friends for the same reason: “Are you serious? The audiences in Singapore are always cold and not passionate!”, but Qing Feng would respond with “That’s because they haven’t been to a Sodagreen’s concert!”. Also revealing that Sodagreen had stopped by in Singapore for about 4 to 5 times during their previous world tour, Singapore is also the country for their first ever overseas stop, increasing the importance of Singapore to the band. Singapore to Sodagreen is more than just a friend and they would never miss out Singapore in any of their world tours.

DSC_6137Before performing the song “十年一刻 (Once In A Lifetime)”, Qing Feng thanked the people who have contributed to their 10 years of career and their success, including the fans, their label and producers, for enabling them to do what they love and sing their passion. Through their music, Sodagreen hopes for their music to be sources of faith and belief, that would give the listeners strengths through the tough times. And as a reminder for all to be brave in chasing their dreams and believing in themselves, always.

“Every opportunity to stand on the stage to perform their music is another chance to be reborn… “– Qing Feng

【Click here to watch the official MV of  十年一刻 (Once In A Lifetime)】


Having one of a kind of encore, the members picked lucky fans from the audiences to name the songs they would like to hear for encore and a total of 5 fan-picked songs were performed including the encore song “再遇见 (Meeting You Again)”. The fan-picked songs ranges among all their past albums – 【漂浮】,【符号】,【花茶】,【他夏的夏天】,【近未来】。 Providing a little more incentives for the Singapore fans and other fans who have flown from the neighboring countries such as Malaysia, Qing Feng performed a short cut of his newly written song for Rainie Yang (楊丞琳), titled “下個轉彎是你嗎” (click here to watch the official drama version MV of the song)

Click here to watch the official MV of 【近未来】
Click here to watch the official MV of 【他夏的夏天】
Click here to listen to the audio of 【花茶】
Click here to listen to the audio of 【符号】
Click here to watch the a performance video of 【漂浮】


On a personal note, it was a rather memorable concert because there was a goodie bag placed on every single seat. Of which inside the paper bag printed with logos of Sodagreen and the organizers, were a concert lightstick printed with the concert name, cutely designed concert stickers customized to Singapore including a merlion one, concert postcard and a green banner which was to be raised during one of the songs. Apart from everything above, the official concert tshirt in grey color was sold at the concert venue and only available at the Singapore stop!

Apart from describing them as sincere, Sodagreen proved it further by recognizing a handful of familiar faces in the crowd and even identifying the name of the events that they have attended without fail.

We would like to thank AMC Live Group for the invitation to this amazingly significant concert of Sodagreen!

Photography by AMC Live Group Singapore, Article by XUAN LIN @ KAvenyou.

Click here to view more photos from SODAGREEN 10th Anniverysary AIR WORLD TOUR by AMC Live Group.

Next up by AMC Live Group will be Harlem Yu (庾澄庆)’s ” I Wanna Give You World Tour – Singapore” on 3rd October 2014. Click here to read more about the concert details!

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