[COVERAGE] Travel back in time with the Golden Oldies at Polygram Forever Live in Singapore

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19th July 2014PolyGram Forever Live Concert in Singapore  (寶麗金永恆金曲演唱會) took place in the Singapore Indoor Stadium on 19th July 2014. There was barely any empty seats in the stadium. It was truly a golden night with all the golden oldies and the audiences was brought back to their youthful years as if time didn’t exist.

Shirley Kwan (關淑怡)

In a black jumpsuit with golden details, Shirley was the first to kick-start the night. Starting off with 《难得有情人》, Shirley received many applause and cheers from the audiences. Continuing with 《假的恋爱》, 《人生可有知己》, 《繾綣星光下》 and finally 《恋一世的爱》. Before exiting, Shirley did not forget to thank her fans and people who have listened to her songs from the past till today.

Daniel Chan (陳曉東)
Daniel’s appearance was accompanied with deafening cheers from the audiences and his troop of fans who have gifted him with the local delicacy “Pandan Cake”. Filled with overflowing energy, Daniel performed 《爱你躲你》, 《流行森林鱼》, 《我比谁都清楚》 and 《心有独中》. Feeling that he was too far from the audiences, Daniel jumped off the stage with hesitation and went ahead to interact with the audiences. People sitting in the front rows were in for a treat, getting up-close and personal with Daniel and getting handshakes as well. Ending his segment, Daniel thanked the audiences and wished them a wonderful night with the remaining segments of the other singers.

Watch his performance here : 陈晓东 (Daniel Chan) – 心有独中

Linda Wong (王馨平)
Looking dedicate in her elegant black dress and flaunting her fair skin with a striking red lip color, Linda was the one of the few who’ve talked long enough with the audiences. A total of 5 song were sung that night – 《爱我一生一世好不好》, 《今生注定》, 《寂寞女人心》, 《天荒爱未老》 and her representing hit  《别问我是谁》. Linda was moved to tears when she sang the last song 《别问我是谁》, feeling nothing but gratefulness for the audiences support despite the time gap. Assuring her fans that she is happily married, she explains that the most people would assume that singers who have retired and made a comeback probably had problems in their marriages. She then asked for a promise from her fans to continue supporting her when she returns to Singapore in future.

Watch her performance here : 王馨平 (Linda Wong) – 别问我是谁 Don’t Ask Who Am I

Tat Ming Pair (達明一派)
The duo heated the atmosphere with their Rock ‘n’ Roll style and rocked the night with 《溜冰滚族》 《今夜星光灿烂》, 《禁色》, 《石头记》 and 《今天应该很高兴》. Taking a short break, the duo talked about that generation when many moved out of Hong Kong and they specially wrote 《今天应该很高兴》 to dedicate to the Hong Kong-ers who were not able to celebrate Christmas in their hometowns. Of which many of Tat Ming Pair’s songs were written to commemorate special events that happened along the years.

Priscilla Chan (陳慧嫻)
Looking sleek and chic with her blond hair and rocking an approx 7 inch pump heels, Priscilla’s stage outfit clearly differs from the rest. She was also the one who’d laugh without any constraints with her influencing laughter. Many of her golden classics were performed – 《飘雪》 《红茶馆》 《傻女》and the renowned 《千千闋歌》.

Watch her performance here : 陳慧嫻 (Priscilla Chan) – 千千闋歌 Thousands of Songs

Special thanks to AMC Group for the invitation to this amazing concert!
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Photography, Videography and Article by XUAN LIN @ KAvenyou.com

More photos coming soon! Watch out for this space!

Miss the Singapore? Don’t worry! Polygram Forever Live will be hitting the shores of Malaysia on 26th July 2014 (Satuday). Get your tickets now! Click on this link for more details!

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