Byulharangs’ hearts go Pit-A-Pat at Chungha’s 1st Fan Meet in Singapore

K-Pop female soloist Chungha ended her 1st fan meet in Singapore on a high last evening with her powerful dance moves, mesmerising vocals and witty personality, captivating her fans, also known as Byulharangs, throughout the entire evening.

Chungha emerged on stage in a black shimmery outfit, opening the night with her latest track Gotta Go, followed by a slightly remixed version of Do It and Love U. Byulharangs were able to see different sides of Chungha last evening as she brought to the stage a variety of performances, from ballads and other hit songs such as From Now On, Rollercoaster and Why Don’t You Know to powerful dance stages as she danced to Ariana Grande’s 7 Rings and DJ Snake’s Taki Taki

In between all her stages, Chungha was joined by Dee Kosh, as he conducted a short question and answer session with Chungha, as well as a few game segments which included three lucky fans who each walked away with a photo taken with Chungha.

During the question and answer segments, Chungha briefly talked about her next comeback, which will most likely be a song with summery vibes like Love U, describing it as a song that’s less heavy, and fans will most likely love it. 

Chungha was also asked to say a few words of encouragement to fans who were stressed up at school, in which she said that life goes on, it is not the end and that Byulharangs have her, so they do not have to feel stressed.

Closing off the evening on a high, Chungha performed Pit-A-Pat and Why Don’t You Know, leaving Byulharangs wanting more.

Q&A with Chungha

1. What is your favourite pastime?
A: Sleeping and playing with Bambi (Chungha’s dog)

2. If you’re given a month to do anything freely, what would you do?
A: Definitely visit Singapore

3. If you were not an idol, what do you think you’ll be doing right now?
A: A dancer, or maybe a therapist because I love listening to people’s stories.

4. What do you do to maintain and protect your voice?
A: Drink lots of water, get your beauty sleep, and love from the fans

5. Describe your fans (especially Singaporean fans) in 3 words.
A: Can’t live without

6. What do you do if you feel like giving up?
A: I go and meet my fans

7. If you could have a chance to be an animal, what would you be and why?
A: Bambi (Chungha’s dog), because she’s cute and adorable.

Article: Zan @ KAvenyou
Photography: Zan @ KAvenyou

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