January’s “Hottest Debut”: Celeb Five

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The only times we watch music programmes such as ‘Music Bank’, ‘Show Champion’ and ‘M! Countdown’ are probably when our faves are having a comeback. But in January, here’s another reason for you to catch these music shows, even when you’re off the comeback season.


January's "Hottest Debut": Celeb Five


Meet CelebFive. They are a girl group consisting of 5 famous comedians Song Eun Yi, Shin Bong Sun, Ahn Young Mi, Kim Young Hee and Kim Shin Young. Making their debut on Show Champion just this weekend, they’ve quickly gained attention from the general public who is probably more familiar with their goofy and silly image on ‘Gag Concert’ and other variety shows.

Being a comedian girl group is by no means discounting their singing and dancing skills. With their rich stage experience and ability to grab the attention of large crowds, they have it all for the perfect female idol, sans looks and physique. While they’re possibly one of the first comedian groups to have taken it as far as to possibly guesting on ‘Weekly Idol’, comedians appearing on music shows is not a foreign concept.

Ring (따르릉) — Kim Young Chul ft. Hong Jin Young (김영철 ft. 홍진영)

Male comedian Kim Young Chul who is more commonly known for his position as a fixed member on ‘Knowing Brother’ made a comeback with ‘Ring’. It was a trot song with catchy techno beats that became South Korea’s new earworm, and it even made it to the list of songs that university entrance exam candidates should never listen to!

Their appearance on idol music programmes definitely adds a nice twist for its weekly viewers and for people like me, it’s a new reason to keep watching them.


Article by: Cass Zheng @ KAvenyou

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