ATEEZ Releases 10th Mini Album “GOLDEN HOUR : Part.1”

ATEEZ topped the U.S. Billboard main chart, ‘Billboard 200,’ through their second studio album, [THE WORLD EP.FIN : WILL], which was released in December last year, and ranked second on the UK ‘Official Album Chart,’ achieving a career-high in the world’s two major charts. ATEEZ’s global impact is undeniable. They made history as the first K-pop boy group to grace the stage of ‘Coachella,’ the largest music festival in the U.S. Their powerful presence can also be seen later this year at Japan’s largest music festival, ‘Summer Sonic.’ With their shining performances around the world, ATEEZ continues to attract attention.

[The brightest moments in life]
Following TREASURE, which depicted the journey they took to find the ‘Treasure’ that each of them holds in their hearts, FEVER, which captured the intensely passionate fever of eight boys, and THE WORLD, which sang a cry for freedom, the new series will capture the brightest moments of ATEEZ, kicking off with the first album [GOLDEN HOUR : Part.1]. We specially invite you to share in their precious time, fleeting and never to come again.

[After the red moon rises]
The curtain has fallen on the time they spent moving the world through dance and music, and the boys have returned to their own world. Though it was only for a moment that they pursued their heart-racing dreams together, relying only on each other during their adventure, they soon went their separate ways to deal with the real-world challenges that awaited them. In their waking lives, living outside of dreams, the world felt devoid of light. Yet, in this place where they move through their day with calm measured steps, the boys discover a different kind of light – a light unlike any they had dreamed of.

[Golden Hour]
It is a time in life that should not be missed, a fleeting moment magnified in beauty by its brevity, and as that moment passes, it gives way to darkness at once. What are we doing in the final moments of daylight right before the sun sets? Each person experiences emotions so differently while watching the sun vanish over the horizon. Some wish this moment would last forever. Others may wait for the sun to rise again. Yet, this moment is enchantingly beautiful for everyone who sets their own emotions and thoughts aside to watch it happen.

Eight boys returned from a world where their emotions had been tightly controlled. And so begins their most beautiful story yet. Could these be the real Golden Hours of our lives?


1. Golden Hour
The brightest moment in life, a moment that is ephemeral and passes quickly, never to return. But just as every beginning has an end, what should we dream of and what should we expect when this moment is over? What name do we give to all those other times outside of the beautiful and brilliant moments?

2. Blind
‘El amor es ciego,’ love can blind us to everything and make you willingly jump into a hot fire. The energetic dance track featuring Cuban trumpets evokes the heat and excitement of a dance floor, serving as a reminder of the unchanging power of love.

‘Gotta WORK’
Making dreams a reality. We move forward, focusing on ourselves and turning people’s worries into praise and jealousy into anxiety. The song intuitively expresses ATEEZ’s continuous commitment to striving and facing challenges.

4. Empty Box
We believe that memories will fade away with time, but instead, we find ourselves unable to take a single step forward, stuck in a room full of memories we can’t let go of. But now, it’s time to sort through and pack them away in an empty box to send them off one by one, clearing the way for a new beginning for both you and me.

5. Shaboom
When you spend time together and have fun, your life becomes more vibrant and colorful. This song is an EDM genre track with Reggae as the base, teeming with energy that can bring a burst of color to your life.

6. Siren
Everyone charges forward, running at a speed with no clear idea of what lies even a step ahead. The ‘Siren’ goes off everywhere we go in life as we move forward, running through fire and water with no hesitation.

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